Milanovich leading candidate for Argo HC job

Since when do coaches come with players? even if to much experience with both.

Well, Ron Lancaster and Danny MacManus come immediately to mind. . .

Aahh, now I understand...easy mistake to make....

Cortez was on the Argos' short list last year before they hired Andrus but Cortez told the Argos he wasn't interested. I don't know why he would be interested now - the Argos still don't have a competent quarterback for him to work with.

. . . or a competent receiving corps for said quarterback to throw to. . .

I think they'd be crazy to sign any HC without knowing if Rita's going to be able to hold on to his job. I think Rita and Mohns should've been canned 2 years ago when it was obvious the team was just getting older and not progressing. With an uncertain ownership situation, it paralyzes everything else on the team.

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Cortez turned the job down after he was not granted control of player personnel (ala the Mike Kelly situation in Hamilton).

From this morning's news:

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If that article is accurate, then the Argos are in potentially big trouble.

They've interviewed Milanovich, who has a thinner resume than either Berry, Jones, or Marshall. Berry has been an excellent offensive coordinator, and has head coaching experience. Jones and Marshall have each been oustanding defensive coordinators, in more than one CFL city. Milanovich? He's officially held the title of offensive coordinator in Montreal, but let's face it that's Trestman's offence, he is the man calling the shots, not Milanovich; Milanovich has basically been in charge of the running game only.

So they've interviewed him and will let him know in a week if the job is his? And they haven't even contacted or interviewed the other three?

I hope that article is incorrect. . . they should do their due diligence and interview all qualified candidates and choose the best man. . . and not just hire the first guy they talk to. Bauer did that in Winnipeg last season and we all know how well that turned out. . .

What a mess. They should've made a firm decision about Rita's and Mohn's futures right after the season ended and for my money they should've been shown the door. Rita's replacement should've interviewed possible HC and hired one long before now. The Argos are doing it all ass backwards. I can't recall a team floundering like this since the Harold Ballard years.

Pay Pinball whatever he asks to take over the HC job.

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If Milanovich is "basically in charge of the running game only", then why did Trestman see fit to promote him to Assistant Head Coach?

I would hazard a guess is because Trestman, like many, sees potential in Milanovich as a coach. And I"m not saying different. . . it's just that any team hiring a new head coach should interview all qualified applicants and then make a choice of who is the best fit, and not just hire the first guy they talk to.

Thanks for clarifying MadJack. I think I can give you a reason why all qualified applicants have not (will not) be interviewed..because like last year, Argo ownership have waited far far too long in the offseason to get that job done, leaving inadequate time to do it properly.

Agreed. I sincerely hope that article is wrong, and that the Argos braintrust is in the process of interviewing more candidates than just Milanovich. I like Scott, but he has a helluva lot to prove in this league, and shouldn't be hired out of hand just because he's the new hot item thanks to the Grey Cup win and association with Trestman.

The Bombers hired Mike Kelly without doing their due diligence, and look where it got them.

I agree Milanovich would not be high on my list of head coach candidates. Paul LaPolice on the other hand would be.

They have also interviewed Greg Marshall and possibly Chris Jones, from what I have heard. I don't know if the Doug Berry thing was anything other than speculation.

Don’t forget - if football performance was the only question, Mike Kelly would absolutely still be the HC of the Bombers. Not great, but that team was playing well in the second half of the season after some adjustments. It was his combustible personality off the field that did him in.

The Toronto Sun reports that Doug Berry was interviewed on Friday for the Argo head coaching position and it looks as though Greg Marshall and Chris Jones are next in line to be interviewed.

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Berry and his throbbing temple vein need to be in the CFL. Those close-ups of Berry's head made those Argo telecasts bearable.

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I think Berry is better suited as a coordinator.