Milanovich leading candidate for Argo HC job

Seems that The Montreal offensive co ordinator is leading the pack for the vacant Argo HC job.
Hopefully that will be annonnced soon and Greg Marshall can get down to business and help Obie tweak the roster on the defensive side of the ball.

I think they Marshall was more interested in the WPG job. I hear Bart Andrus is free maybe the Bombers will hire him and leave Marshall alone. :lol:

Thanks bg for my morning laugh !!

Frankly, I believe the chances of our seeing Bart Andrus back in the CFL sometime are about the same as the chances of our seeing Mike Kelly back in the CFL sometime.

As in, no chance.

No problem.

Don't rain on my parade. I was actually hoping to see Mike Kelly with the other blue team. :lol:

I think we'll see Milanovich hired in Toronto and George Cortez hired in Winnipeg. Just my gut feeling because both teams absolutely stink offensively, and need offensive-minded coaches to correct that.

I hope Milanovich gets the job. That would be one less place that Marshall could leave to. Don't get me wrong, I really hope to see Greg Marshall as a head coach some day, but not next year. I really believe he was a big part of the improvements to our defense last year, and I really would like to see how good the defense could be if we have continuity with our D coach for a second season or more.

I will understand if he leaves to become a head coach, but I know that we can be so much better if he stays here.

I think there is a better chance that he may go to Winnipeg, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't.


I think Montreal is about to lose both of its coordinator...

I hear than Milanovich applied for the Argo job right after being turned down for theCaptains job on the Titanic.

The boy has got to have a masochistic streak in him.

You think so? Burke I can see leaving. He's been in the CFL for years, so there'd be no question about his credentials.

Milanovich? He doesn't call Calvillo's plays. He's in charge of the running game. Prior to Trestman's arrival in Montreal, he had only been a position coach during the disastrous 2007 season in which the Als braintrust decided to change Calvillo's footwork. I think Scott is a bright football mind, but I also think he has a helluva lot to prove before he's ready to become the head coach of a CFL team.

I think there are a few things that might play in Scott's favour.

1- He's still very young

2- Everyone wants some of that Trestman magic...

3- Toronto is likely not ready to pay big dollars for the postion while they pay Bart...

Lol i got Milanavoich confused with Marinovich the former NFL CFL qb arrested for selling marijuana.

I still dont understand why any team would want Milanovich who has very little to do with Montreals play calling and absolutely nothing to do with their schemes.

Well, Drexl, to understand it, all you have to know is that it's Toronto we're talking about here. . .

True, they should have given up on copying Montreal after the Andrus experiment crashed and burned.

Hopefully their next move is Kelly as coordinator

True, but if the Argos want to avoid absolute disaster, they have to hire the best person for the job, not the cheapest person whose hiring will generate the least negative PR.

Everyone does want some of that Trestman magic, but I remember people wanting a bit of that Don Matthews magic back in the day, and it didn't serve Doug Berry too well. :wink: In the end, whatever insight Scott has absorbed from Trestman will be secondary to the reality that turning around the Argonauts is a huge undertaking for anyone, let alone a rookie head coach who wasn't even a full-fledged offensive coordinator the past two seasons.

I can certainly understand why Scott would apply for the job -- it's a chance for a big payday; who would turn it down, particularly in the CFL? -- but I'm less clear on why the Argos would look in his direction with so many veteran coaches in the mix (Marshall, Jones, Cortez, Burke).

My first choice would be George Cortez. He’s been in the running before and come up short but I think he’s ready. If not Cortez, the Argos should ask to speak to Chapdelaine. He’s been around for a few years now, he sure knows the CFL game and he’s been part of a winning team.

An Argo-Cat fan

Taking as true the information here about Milanovich and his role in Montreal, all the broadcasters and journalists observing the CFL these past two seasons have really been talking up Milanovich and his contribution to the Alouettes. He may not be Trestman, but it is likely on those merits that he is being considered, for better or worse.

With Greg Marshall enentually leaving for a HC job, I wonder if it would be better to happen this year when there is a qualified DC out there like Rich Stubler?

IF i were an Argos fan, i would want to see Rita take over the H.C. responsibilities, hire Matt Dunigan O.C. , and keep Peter Kuharchek as D.C. as well as the rest of 2009,s coaching staff.

Really ? What if Milanovich came with Adrian McPherson ?

Marshall's had like 8 interviews for a HC position if he can't land the one in Winnipeg with Doug Brown publicly endorsing him. I don't think he will ever get a shot. All I can think is that he does not interview well.