Milanovich has left the Als... Guess where he went!

According to TSN, Scott Milanovich is now the new OC and assistant head coach up the QEW.

Talk about a challenge!

Comments fans?

Im guessing this means Jim Barker is staying on as head coach.

Also, it will be interesting to see if O'Shea stays with the team, since he didn't get the title of Assist. HC.

8) TSN is reporting that Scott Milanovich, the OC with the Als for the past 4 years, has joined the Argos as their new
    Offensive Coord. and Assistant Head Coach !!

    Cats can now scratch him off the list as far as him coming to Hamilton.

interesting - does this mean that Barker is staying put?

I guess the league moratorium (gag order?) on team announcements during GC festivities isn't in effect this year - or is TSN speculating?

Maybe Milanovich, as the "x"s and "O"s guy on offense, paves the way for O'Shea as HC.

I think you may be right on all counts. However I note that they are saying "set to be named". :wink:

I wouldn't be surprised that O'Shea may end up in Sask. after all because he doesn't want to work with Barber if he was to make himself GM. (opening the door for Milanovich to be HC) :roll:

I'm sure it will all be a lot clearer as soon as GC is over. The pressure of GC100 in Toronto will make for a lot of moves earlier than usual.


We should have got him here as OC and H-C in waiting. :cry:

I cannot see Scott go for anything but a HC position.
On top of which, Barker has to go.

Who said that the Cats even had a list going?

This pretty much means that Barker is staying on as HC and Jamie Elizondo can go back to being a minor US college coach. He was way out of his depth here.

An Argo-Cat fan

According to Dave Naylor's twitter account, he only interviewed and he says that he believes the Als will not let Milanovich out of his contract. He still has 1 year left. As of 54 minutes ago he also stated that Milanovich will interview with the Riders for their head coaching vacancy.

8) Apparently Milanovich has now verbally agreed to become the new Head Coach of the Argos !!
 Montreal gave him permission to talk to the Argos, as long as the job he was interviewing for was for the HC position.

I wonder who Montreal will hire as their new OC, and does this the further slide Montreal a little lower down the totem pole?

As reported by TSN in Sportscenter after the GC... Scott Milanovich has been announced as the new head coach of the Argos.

Not just the O.C. and assistant head coach. Just a quick spot on the show tonight. Expect to hear more in the next few days.

A fairly bold move with the 100th G.C. coming to Toronto.

To be clear...this is REPORTED to be a verbal agreement only.

Nothing official out of Argoland.

Does that mean that Barker is available?

Cap'n: I'll bet Jim Popp has somebody in mind.
Too bad we could not have snagged Scott Milanovitch. The question now is what does that do to us? He has been a very good OC. I always thought he would be a great I think we need to watch out for the blue team. They have some good players plus Mike O'Shea. We could very well end up with the worst coaching staff in the East and be a fourth place team next season.
What bothers me about this is that the Blue team has apparently made a gutsy move and gone with an up and comer.While this has been in the works many on this forum have been finding ways to justify the very mediocre record over the past three years ( stay the course!!! :roll: ) and whining about not making a change because we don't know who will replace them.
So Cap'n...I would not be worrying about Montreal. They'll find some new OC talent. Right now it's US you need to worry about. :cry:

I fear the combination of Milanovich/Jyles will be a potent one.

Good for the Argos and CFL though.

I like the combination of Dickenson/Burris for the Cats. (dare to dream)

Instead, we have Marcel, inexperienced Khari, and an older, slower, weaker Kevin Glenn