Milanovich Gone!

According to numerous sources of TSN's Matthew Scianitti, Scott Milanovich has resigned as head coach of the Toronto Argonauts. Scianitti reports Milanovich has accepted a job in the NFL. His resignation comes three days after the team fired general manager Jim Barker.

Argos are in complete disarray. Not good for the team and league. Interest in the Argos is already on the wane in the biggest market.

QB coach in Jacksonville:

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Can't blame him for baling out of that mess. So now no GM, no HC. Gotta feel sorry for Argo supporters.
As bad as the darkest times in Hamilton's past. Good thing ownership has deep pockets ( for now).

Ricky Ray better start packing his bags. No new GM or coach will show the same loyalty to Ray that Milanovich showed.

Matthew ScianittiVerified account ?@TSNScianitti 8m8 minutes ago
Early this wk, Milanovich was working on #CFL FA & expecting to be #Argos HC. But #NFL calls kept coming in (Jags, Jets) & he made a choice

Good choice. Get while the getting is good.
US $$.
Fewer responsibilities.
Better organization. (can't be worse)
Likely a saner life for him.

Best of luck.

Another excellent coach bails out from the CFL. I'll say this... as a head coach, I would take Milanovich over Austin any day.

I would love to see Trestman back in the CFL or is that a pipe dream?! Or Pinball get back into the game !the Ticats always thrive on a healthy rivarly between hog town

I agree 100%

Interesting. How have their teams done, head-to-head, since Austin joined in 2013?

With all due respect, who cares?

Same number of Grey Cup wins for both coaches since 2013.

Well, personally, I strongly prefer beating the Argos in the playoffs over losing to the Argos in the playoffs.

By your logic, I take it 2013-16 have been no more pleasing to you as a fan than 2005-08?

Coach Austin has given us credibility since taking over the club.

However, I do fall into the trap of judging a professional sports team based on their trophy cabinet.

I would gladly lose the season series to the Argos if we won the Championship.

Arblows now getting the much needed press coverage they so dearly crave!

Nice to see the coverage with funny graphics and the full page colour even if it’s perceived as bad news it’s still needed coverage like you said . When you don’t see this type of coverage you have to worry this is actually good for the Argos . Thanks for the posting as I only read Ottawa’s version of the Sun .