Mikey hangs them up

Michael Reilly called it a career. Best of luck in the future, I loved watching you play!


All the best to Mike Reilly.

Never liked seeing him out on the field with little time left looking to drive the field. He was too clutch too many times.

It's sad his last two years were marred by injuries and an offensive line that couldn't protect anyone.

That may have been a factor in his retirement.

Will miss him on the field.


Quite possibly , and why collaros is having so much success, not enough can be said for protecting your quarterback.

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Absolutely, o lineman and any back that takes blocking seriously and can do it, are worth so much to an offense.

Apparently headed for a job in the fire department.....good luck to him ...he was a good one

His time to retire was actually 4 years ago. Now it's Bo's turn to retire. When you are no longer making a positive difference to your team, then that's time to walk away. Good Luck Mike!

Yes if Mike could have played behind that Winnipeg Line he might still be playing.

Positive difference to your team? Reilly finished the 2021 campaign as the CFL's leading passer with 3,283 yards in 13 games. This despite playing hurt all season and having limited practice reps. He tied for 2nd in TD passes (14), was 2nd in completions (276) and had the league's best interception ratio of 1.5%. He played behind a weaker-than-average Oline too so I would say he definitely made a positive difference to the Leos.

You know I hear the same excuses in hockey. Oh well, if he just had better line mates...blah blah blah. The fact is, he looked just like Bow in Calgary. Two and out, two and out. He was tackeled even before the ball had been snapped. Nope, it is his time to call her a career and I respect him for stepping down. Good players make those around them better. He knew and his body knew that it was time to draw the curtan closed. Now it's Mitchell's turn. He's in the same boat.
There are vey few Damon Allen's out there who were resilient and could make something out of nothing. He retired at 40 but he could move the pocket, and instinctively knew when it was time to tuck the ball under his arm and run. Bo is afraid to do that. You shouldn't be playing professional football if your playing afraid. He had a nice run.
I think Mr Allen could have won another championship or two. He retired at 40 years of age. He was a young 40. Riley and Bo, didn't age quite as well. Missing out on time counts. Putting their own teams off side from the huddle. Passing to the wrong location. Etc etc.

Perhaps - yes; and perhaps not? Who knows? They had a lot of changes in BC and nothing worked for Mike. I personally think it was more him than the players he worked with. I seen back up QB's that seemed to enjoy better success and they weren't getting the same reps that Mike was enjoying. No different than here in Calgary. Bo gets all the major reps, and yet when he goes out there, often you'd swear it was the first time for him to play. Now that's my opinion. Some out there will tell you that God couldn't play any better. Well all I know, is that when you the fan are sitting there, and you watch your offence go 2 and out, 2 and out, that just puts the D in major trouble by mid way of the second quarter. They simply where out and mental fatigue sets in. Secondly; when you watch a back up come in and he plays like he's been there for 7 years already, and he's making good solid plays....you have to ask yourself why???? Bo's time came, and now it's gone in my view! Let the Stamps move on in a positive direction.

I grew up playing a ton of sports. Sports was my life! I know the difference between Bo and myself is gargantuous. For example: If I lined up behind the center and failed to get the ball off before the 20 second time clock ran down, I would be embarrassed and would make sure to never let it happen again! Trying to put the opposition offside, is a feeble attempt to gain 5 yards. If you can't do it on a run or a pass, then it's time to hang them up!
I would never let that happen to me twice where now I need to get 15 yards to get a first down. Secondly; as a QB; you have no choice but to stretch the field and feel confident enough in your own ability and the ability of your recievers to be in position and to recieve a ball for 30 yards. Can't do that?? Then please take off your pads and say a, "pleasent good bye it was so good to know you", to your team mates.