Mikey Filer Retirement

Out of those men Miksza is the only one I've never saw play

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i didn't start watching cfl till 2004 and im 27 , so only two played during my life time . Carl Coulter 1999 photo is likely in the 1999 Ticat almanac i bought at a antique store in 2019 though,

I've got underwear almost twice as old as that! :flushed: :man_white_haired: :rofl:


Do a google on Henry Waszczuk

You won't like what you read.


You "gotta" learn your TiCat history . It's going to be on the final exam . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old guy remembers Tom Nutten , Bob Kelley , and Jim Taylor at centre)


i don't have to learn anything actually

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You're correct, but you'll do poorly on the final exam. :slightly_smiling_face: It's your risk....

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they will be no exam , its not right to judge someone's football knowledge just cause there young and female . i no doubt know alot more about current players then most do thanks to doing my own research .

I'm sorry you took @PatLynch and my comments so seriously. They were said in jest. I can't speak for Pat, but I would like to sincerely apologise if you took my comments seriously. That was not my intent.

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July 19: Mike Filer – Hamilton Tiger-Cats (ticats.ca)

Best of luck Mike


Am I missing something? Worst thing I could dig up was he was fined $800 for fishing out of season in 1998. Remember he did the fishing show on TSN for many years after retiring.

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He left the country as he was banned from fishing for life.

Went to Florida and never stepped foot back in Canada. A national embarrassment.

He snagged out of season whitefish, rehooked them in the mouth, then pretended to catch them on camera.

But faked it and said they were in season.

Wasn't until a camera man was fired until it was brought to light.

A truly pathetic man.

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Ok. I didn’t read through the article, just browsed the headline. Don’t condone or minimize what he did at all, I guess with all the situations we’ve seen politicians and celebrities get themselves into, from your post I was expecting something really depraved. Just the way the world is now.

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My comments were made in jest which is a suburb of Truth and Consequences , New Mexico . I do love your "I don't have to learn anything" retort . It says much about a little .

Pat Lynch

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I admire your passion for the team and the League. I think that I'm remiss in welcoming you to the forum, so please let me do so now.
I'm one of the long-time old farts on here and have found that, over the years, there are some true "characters" on here. The vast majority of them have awesome senses of humour, but it -might- take a while to truly "appreciate" them (I know it took ME a while).

One thing I have learned is that we can always learn. I, for one, never thought a certain player signed as a DE mostly played backup DT until you proved it to us.

As for being younger and female, that honestly never entered my mind until you mentioned it. I never mouse-hovered over your username (something I just learned about this site today) to see your details. I usually DON'T pry into anyone's details, as I feel that's their own personal business, unless I am searching for a post or other reasons (it's pretty rare for me to do so. I honestly respect people's privacy, even if they publish it online). All I knew about you was that you're a passionate Tiger-Cats fan contributing to an online discussion forum; in other words - an anonymous internet being.

We need more fans like you. Not necessarily "young ladies" (sorry if you don't appreciate the term, but it's a polite sign of manners and respect where/when I grew up), but younger people in general of ANY gender. I really would like to know what attracts you to the CFL, and how the team (and the League) can do to attract more like you.

All this has taken away from the thread topic, but I fealt it needed to be said. Let's get back to appreciating Filer's time in Hamilton.

(As for an earlier comment about his retirement being a cover for his release, I'm afraid that I feel the same way. Remember, he was essentially benched for the beginning of the 2019 season for being too out-of-shape at the start of training camp. I certainly hope this wasn't the same issue.)


I started following the cfl after Ryan Donnelly visited my elementary school to promote literacy week in 2004 as part of a partnership with Hamilton Public Library . He visited my elementary school 3 times after that including a birthday party my school held for him which students performed dances at . Filer did lose weight and get faster when team told him too , so its not that . No doubt part of Filer's Retirement is Team wants Ciraco to start at Center but likely other factors were at play also.

My sister's husband coached Ryan Donnelly in high school in St. Catharines. I'm glad to know that players' involvement in the community had such a positive experience (for at least one youngster). I hope he knows this.


He manages Good Life Gyms now , pretty sure he likely was friends with my principals at the times daughters which may explain the other school visits since only the first was though Ticat Community involvement.