Mikey Filer Retirement

A class act on and off the field ! All the best Mike on your future endeavours


Great minds think alike, or, fools seldom differ. (I prefer the former rather than the latter).


All the best to Mike on his retirement. A dedicated player and excellent in the community. He will be missed, just like his old beard!


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All the best to a class act guy. Would have loved to see him get a Grey Cup ring though.

Agree 100% that he is a class act . him and Butler didn't rush me talking to them even though there was a lineup

“Today is one of the hardest days of my life. After nine years in the CFL with the Tiger-Cats, it is time for me to listen to my body and heart and hang up my cleats for the last time. Football has instilled life skills and core values in me that define who I am. I want to thank so many people, including Bob Young and Scott Mitchell for running a first class organization and their endless support to not only me, but all of our players in Hamilton. Drew Allemang and Shawn Burke for believing in a 20-year-old kid from Brantford that grew up dreaming of playing for the Tiger-Cats. Thank you to Coach O for his continued support and guidance, and all my past coaches for their time and commitment to helping me grow. My brothers (teammates) who were the main reason I came to work every day. We grew up together, played through pain together and will forever share memories of glory and heartbreak. To my wife Jen, son Dax, father Greg and late mother Kim – my biggest fans – thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams. I love you. And finally, to the greatest fans in the CFL, thank you TigerTown! I still get shivers thinking about running out of the tunnel at Tim Hortons Field and hearing your roar. I also loved my time off the field in the community and am grateful for everyone I crossed paths with. Thank you, Hamilton, for allowing me to be a part of it all.”


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I think we posted at almost the same moment. There was nothing for you to check. Besides, we both are huge fans, right?



Love this guy. Gonna miss him.


Guesses on his replacement? I say Okafor.

I believe the plan is to move Ciraco to Centre and put Gibbon in Ciraco's Guard position.


Here's what I think our starting O-Line will look like opening night , barring any unforeseen injuries or other circumstances between then and now .

C.....Darius Ciraco
G....Brandon Revenberg
RT...Chris Van Zeyl
LT...Trevon Tate
G....Jessie Gibbon


T/G...Kay Okafor
T.......Coulter Woodmansey

One of the rookie Americans will likely be on PR or IL .


Ciraco is the one moving to center

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Filer has been a huge mentor to Ciraco.

Mike Filer was the last remaining link to our past. The only player left who actually played as a Cat at Ivor Wynne .

There are though actually 3 Cats currently on the roster who did play at Ivor Wynne but on the visiting side . Ted Laurent and Simoni both played there as Eskimo team mates in 2012 and Chris Van Zeyl of course has played numerous games at the old stadium when he was with the dreaded Argo-nots .

On the sidelines vs Winnipeg in the last game ever played at IWS . Oct 27/12


That Means Jesse Gibbons Could move into Ciraco Spots
as for Mike he's been a great center
Hamilton is know for it's tough as nails Centers
Carl Coulter Marwan Hage Dale Sanderson Henry Waszczuk Chet Miksza

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I'm likely too young to know most of the names you listed besides Marwan Hage