Mikes Up: Players and Coaches- No! No! No!

Last evenings miked-up episode was terrible. The covering of a football game is loud - the fans, the music, the announcers, the crowd do already produce enough noise. This affair just added too much talk and, took away from the game announcers description of the game. I found the language confusing as the terminology was not understandable to the average fan such as myself. I do hope this preview will not be repeated.

…I dunno, anything that keeps Rod Black quiet might not be a bad thing…

I found last evenings miked up game was terrible. Their is sufficient noise now in a televised game that, miking up players and coaches just added to this. This distracted us from the game announcers. The QB’s instructions to his team was as tolerable as would someone talking a foreign language. I do hope this trial at miking up the coaches and players will not be repeated. It was horrible.

i thought it was great!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I’ve always wondered what the coaches say on the sidelines and also what the QB says in the huddle; the called play in football terminoligy.

I'd compromise. Forget the QBs. . .hearing them say numbers and words that have no meaning to us the viewing public is pointless. To the players it means everything, to us it is gibberish. So can that. . . but i did like hearing the coaches talk. . . just wish we could hear it more clearly and the announcers shut up for a second or two so we can hear it.

Far better than listening to Rod is right, and I did catch 'sluggo' (slant and go) on occassion. :lol:

I'd like a compromise in future.

Keep the players and coaches miked up, but offer explicit, detailed commentary on what all those numbers and words mean. TSN's approach to covering CFL football has been 'cater to the everyman' for years. Suddenly they broadcast an entire game where 90% of what's being said is unintelligible to the average fan whom they haven't been educating all this time. That's just silly. If they had Dunigan or one of the other panelists explaining the terms (e.g. this number is the snap call, this number is the formation, this word is the play, these words refer to specific coverages), it would have gone a lot smoother. That said, I still enjoyed hearing all that technical stuff, even if I didn't necessarily understand a lot of it.

What's mystifying to viewers is that by the time they hear the players spouting this stuff, it sounds like arcane gibberish. If TSN were to show a training camp where those plays were being installed and the coaches were going over what all the terminology means, it would go a long way with viewers.

who cares if you cant understand what their terminology is? it isnt for you to understand, its for the team to execute on the field, i liked hearing the coaches talking to their players when they made a mistake.

i enjoyed it, especially when you heard lapo, yelling on the sidelines at arrington hicks, who had just taken an objectionable conduct penalty "hicks! wheres hicks?!" "did you say the 'n' word?!", "You can't say that on the field!"

:lol: :lol:

Totally agree. Kind of bush/circus. We don't need that.


....AND that will be the last words uttered by Hicks in bluengold :wink: ...How about Barker and his irrelevant chat with the refs....Barker to the ref. ' I see you're wearing Addidas....i wear Pumas...'... :lol: ...orrrr ' Barkers never-ending whining to the refs. .. Sure not Lapos style ...but hey Paul if you're listening maybe it;s time to start bending a few of the striped guys ears...Might get a few calls going the Bombers way ?? Especially now that the horse-collar call doesn't seem to be as prevelant...Definitely 2 in that game last night that looked like the type we got called on last year.. :roll: :roll:

I was wondering how long it would take you guys to complain about Rod.

Turns out, it wasn't very long at all!

I can't believe anyone is complaining about it -- I thought it was fantastic. Sure "flood left Ohio State ZY" means nothing to viewers, but there were plenty of interesting comments from the coaches and QBs, including candid comments from coaches about player performances and an explanation from Winnipeg's coach for an objectionable conduct penalty that revealed a rule I didn't know existed (that you can't say the "n-word").

I believe that within a few years, viewers/surfers will have the option of paying a fee to get this type of inside access for all games, and those that don't like it will be able to stick to the traditional play-by-play/colour commentary.

Actually it was "you get to wear New Balance, we have to wear Reebok," but same area code.

I'll second this view but keep the QBs.

No doubt the experience I think also would be far better with another pair of announcers, as Rod and Duane sound too much like those two really annoying dudes who cover poker on TSN/ESPN.

... same difference...just depends on what company you work for :lol:

I doubt we'll see that again at least not to that extent. It was most likely done as part of the documentary TSN is doing on the Argos.

In theory the idea of having the coaches and QBs wearing mics is interesting but I don't think it worked in practice. It was too much IMO. Having the mics on the coaches all season would be interesting if they only used snippets here or there but not the constant use of them. The mics on the QBs were pretty useless IMO. There's no time with a 20 second play clock for anything other than calling the play.

All I care about is the game. Dont like a lot of extra noise, be it too loud crowd, mics on team personnel, loud sideline mics picking up players and fans swearing, or extra chatter from the commentators between plays, which usually continues on thru the next play. Could do without the sideline "reporters" as well, unless they are doing injury updates which is the only thing to come from them that matters.

What I wouldnt give to go back to the days of Lancaster.

and while I am complaining, it seems so assinine to me when they lock a camara closeup on a players face and just stay there until the player gets fed up and moves away. Five seconds is all thats needed, if that.

i didn't care for it too much. honestly the lingo doesn't mean anything to normal fans so really why bother.. if anything.. it just distracted from the game... i think this was just a once in a blue moon thing.. very xfl ish in my opinion and that is not a good thing. shea emry said it best on a tweet last night.. players perspective really... said something about REALLY @CFL.. letting the play calls being miked in? coaches wont be too happy about that. similar to that. thats from a player. i dont think it's fair... teams study film.. if u hear the coaches calling the plays and the qb's calling the plays.. well, it's just not cool. the element of surprise is somewhat eliminated.. bet your butt the bombers were not fans of this as showed by their play calling last night.. VANILLA VANILLA.. and i think part of that reason is lapo knew that some of the plays would be miked.. dont think it's a good idea to give teams your terminology and lingo like that on video and audio.

just my opinion tho.. shea emry tends to agree tho.