Mike Woking to sign as Ticat O.C.

The official announcement will come
when Mike Working inks his contract.

Taaffe and Mike are both from the Maryland area.
They have known each other for 20 or 30 years.

Mike coached Charlie Taaffe's son recently
at Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore,

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The Ticats are also eyeing Winnipeg Blue Bomber
defensive backs coach Gregg Butler as a position coach.

My first reaction is concern about his lack of CFL experience, but when I thought about what Winnipeg's offense did last year when not much was expected of them, then I feel a little better.

I like the addition. Remember…Taaffe is going to handle much on the Offence. It is on the Defensive side of the ball that will need the most experience from a coaching aspect.

Hiring a high school coach to run the offence?

What could possibly go wrong there?

Perhaps something similar to hiring a head coach right out of the CIS.

I agree. I hope Taffe isn't going to hire all his buddies, just because they're his buddies. High school coach...now they just need a high school quarterback...

Oops, I jumped the gun on that one. I didn't know how much experience he had other than the high school level. Thanks to Ronfromtigertown for posting the information about Working. Sounds like a good veteran coach, with head coaching experience in U.S. college and as a receivers coach with Detroit Lions as well as CFL experience with Winnipeg.

His bio has been removed from the Bombers website.

I was premature too.

Gosh, I hate using that word.

Oh, forget it. Well, at least I can go watch Sportsdesk now.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007 - 12:00PM

(CFL.ca wire) -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have lost a pair of assistant coaches to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

Quarterback coach Mike Working and defensive back assistant Gregg Butler will join head coach Charlie Taaffe's new staff in Hamilton as the offensive co-ordinator and secondary coach respectively.

An official announcement is expected in the next number of days.

diesel27 wrote:

His bio has been removed from the Bombers website.
The bio of defensive secondary coach Gregg Butler has also been removed from the Bombers website. This seems to confirm the Winnipeg Free Press article mentioned in the post by Catattack1 that the addition of Butler to the Ticat coaching staff is imminent.

He did a really nice job with Kevin Glenn last year. Mostly people weren't sure if Glenn would even start last year. Had he stayed healthy, he might have been the East All-star.

Working has also coached at North Carolina and Army. He has been to a bowl game at every college he ever coached. He won about five championships in HS (where he wanted to coach his sons and helped develop a computer program that sort of allows players and coaches to see film in 3-D). The Detroit Lions and Blue Bombers also both went to the playoffs. I think he has always been a winner.

Hopefully he brings that software to Tigertown.

We are gonna have a lot of new people. New coaches and about 6 top ten draft picks from last year and next . . . . feeling pretty good.