Mike Washington

I was at practice today. Mike Washington was practicing with the 1st team. Must be playing for Fantuz. If that is what the Riders are doing what American will not play against the Stamps. Maybe Brandon Lynch. Maybe Ranauld Williams. Any other names?

Before he got hurt last year Washington was good. He looked so fast after he caught the ball. Today he looked pretty fast out there. I hope his knee is ok.

That new DE is big. Williams. He is a giant.

Got a link for the new guy?
Anyway, I do not believe we need to take an import off the roster to play an import there. We were already playing short at least one, maybe two imports.
If Washington is healthy, he definately should be the guy. I think he was always 3rd after Flick and Dominguez on the depth chart, had he remained healthy...


He is a big one!

What happened to Bake??

I hope we can get someone to apply some pressure.. we did not look sharp in the pass Rush department

6’6 - 265 … hmm, sounds lean for 6’6… hope hes got a good motor. thanks for the link :slight_smile:

also i can’t say that i remember mike washington, so i hope he’s as good as the returning arius says ( possible 3rd in depth under matt / dj )

I forgot about Mike Washington! We seem ri have pretty good depth at receiver. (is that spelt right?) I think we have a good chance against the stamps, despite our injuries.

Which of the two words you typed that don't exist do you think you misspelled?

Arius. I think you are wrong. CFL teams have 42 players. Unless I am wrong it is this. 3 qbs. 20 Canadians and 19 Americans. Think they start 7 Canadians. Pretty sure that is right. Last week I heard them say the Riders were starting extra Canadians. But that doesnt mean they have less Americans. I will try to count the Americans from last week. I think I can count them.

1 Cates
2 Dominguez
3 Bowman
4 Berman
5 January
6 Johnson
7 Bake
8 Verdon
9 Mitchell
10 Mckenzie
11 Lloyd
12 Williams
13 Johnson
14 Davis
15 Morgan
16 Frazier
17 Patrick
18 Lynch

I am 1 player short. Who? Can any one think of who it is? If I forgot 1 player Riders would have played 19 against Toronto. Maybe Arius is right. Riders might have played 18 Americans. Not 19. If that happened Mike Washington can play for Fantuz without Riders losing American.

Mike Washington was our starting wide out last year before he got hurt. And he was just starting to really play well at that time. Fast, big, has all the tools. Just a question of is he healthy, and then getting some experience. Bowman may have passed him on the depth chart. Or maybe he hasn't. Bowman has really done very little since the opening game.

is k. jones a canadian?

I agree w/ ur comments towards bowman. i've been ill impressed with him as of late. however, the one game he did show flashes of goodness was with crandel at the helm. thus i think its just loss of focus / repoire with the qb / not on same page etc... I expect once Crandel gets back in the line-up bowman gets back into a good contributing roll.

then another question to you arius, and the rest of the rider nation. do you think that bowman has played well enough thus far to get nfl scouts looking his way? - i say no... HOWEVER, i dont think he's played so horrible that if i were redhead i would try and get another 1-1 contrract outa him, or maybe a 2-1. -- then again its still early.

It is interesting, with the offense running Durant and even the last game with Jyles, the riders focused more on the inside guys or coming out of the backfield.

Durant was attempting to spread the defence out more during the Toronto game and would have continued that trend I think.

I expect if Marcus comes back you will see more work for both Matt D. and Bowman. Bowman appears to be doing the right things, you see down field blocking, and doesn't usually let up when the ball isn't coming his way.

Has he done enough for a NFL look, not yet, but you never know.

its a min of 7 NI starters and Min of 20 NI on the 42 roster. Last week we had 9 NI starters.

But 9 starters does not mean Riders had 2 Americans short. That is what I was saying. Or trying to say. Does anyone know who the other American was. I got 18. If there was 19 then this is what happenes. For Washington to play some American from Toronto game has to not play.

You missed Kornegay.

According to the Riders Roster this is who dressed for the game.

51 Adams, Import
80 Berman, Import
12 Bowman, Import
20 Cates, Import
27 Childs, Import
8 Crandell,Import
29 Davis, Import
88 Dominguez,Import
14 Durant, Import
15 Frazier,Import
0 January,Import
58 Johnson,Import
19 Johnson,Import
46 Jones, Import
0 Jyles, Import
47 Lloyd, Import
31 Lucas, Import
0 Morgan, Import
0 Patrick,Import
48 Williams,Import
67 Abou-Mechrek, Non-Import
0 Bagg, Non-Import
30 Boreham, Non-Import
49 Carter, Non-Import
37 Clovis, Non-Import
10 Congi, Non-Import
83 Fantuz, Non-Import
71 Foord, Non-Import
59 Frenette,Non-Import
26 Gordon, Non-Import
2 Grant, Non-Import
32 Hughes, Non-Import
60 Makowsky,Non-Import
45 McCullough,Non-Import
42 McKenzie,Non-Import
95 Mullinder,Non-Import
54 O'Day, Non-Import
77 Palmer, Non-Import
57 Parenteau,Non-Import
96 Schultz,Non-Import
33 Szarka, Non-Import

Adams did not dress, he cut his hand earlier in the week, he was on the 46, but not on the final 42.

If Adams didn't dress then he was a scratch after the riders declared their roster because I got this list from the riders web site.

So I don't know if they dressed someone in his place or only went with 41.

Thanks Mike. Its Lucas. He is the 1 missing.

The vfinal roster is declared only 1 hour before the game.