Mike Washington

Tillman just posted this on Riderville. Mike Washington will practice for 1st time on Thursday. I really liked Washington before he got hurt. Looked like he was going to be real good. If he is healthy he will help Riders.

I liked him too, but with Bowman and Dressler, I would be very suprised to see him make the team now.

i personally didn't think he was anything special

I like Mike, he runs smooth routes, kinda reminds me of Dwight Edwards with hands.......

I doubt after 3 days of practice either of those guys has made the team.

Every post of Arius. All 3 threads is the same. Negative. Lbs cant be better. Who cares if young receivers have done good. Bowman and Dressler havent made the team. Just 3 days. Blah Blah Blah. Give him hell Coach Miller. Get another home playoff game. See what Arius can find wrong with that. It will be something negative.

Tell me Arius. If Bowman and Dressler make the team. Or Marshall or Bagg or Berman. And if Williams plays good for rookie lb. Has better year than Hunt in Montreal. If Crandall plays good and Jyles to. Will you give it up?

As I keep telling you, Austin, there is nothing to give up.
I suggest we cancil the remainder of 2 a days, and why bother with the exhibition games. Clearly, after 3 days of practice, all the decisions have been made and everything else is a waste of time.
How is it negative for me to have the audacity to suggest that after 3 days of practice, a couple of rookies have not likely secured a position on the team and beaten out an encumbant starter?
Hey, if that is the "truth" then I guess Jyles is our starter, not Crandell, as everything I have heard thus far, is he has been the best QB thus far. Might as well save time and cut Marcus before practice tomorrow....
Lots of guys look great after 3 days of practice and never are heard from again.
If Bowman makes the team, I'll be thrilled. Better him than all the dwarves you've been hyping as the second coming all winter....

Now Arius saying Bowman is better than Washington. Trying to have both ways. Arius never wrong. Hates everything. Hates Bowman, loves Washington, now loves Bowman, hates Washington. Bowman already invited to my house during bye-week. Dressler too. But Arius can't come. Too negative. Wants Riders to lose. Wants Stew Fraser to come back. And Bill Quinter. Talked to backup usher at TF yesterday. Said everyone knows Arius in the office. His picture is on the wall in luchroom, with warning sign underneath. Yep, indeedy-doo.

The simple answer regarding the incorridgable Arius is NO. He is negative because every thing good in life requires an antagonist or critic. Right Arius?

Austinpowers, its getting pretty brutal isn't it? Arius either puts words into other posters mouths(Jman never said they'd make the team, he was indicating the competition level has gotten better for one, Mike Washington), rolls out all the negatives about a person or situation, hurls insults of a personal nature at other posters or players he speaks of, and worst he uses a condescending tone to convince others readers to get on board with the mob mentality he intends to perpetuate. He will never give up or admit to any wrong doing because he is incorridgable. I suggest he be ignored and seen for what he is, as I have employed this with great success.


Who said anything about that.

Moderators kindly thank you (you know who you are, for you have recently posted) for not continuing with the Arius-bashing on this forum. You are crossing forum boundaries, and further breaches of conduct will simply be removed.

I trust all posters who read this comment will apply this to their own selves as well, although most definitely do not need to take action on it.

So does this mean no one liked my austinpowers impression?

No no...that was very accurate...but I feel you could have made better use of whining and griping...

But if I had, it would have been less accurate, no?

It's like shooting fish in a barrel....

Didn't you?

I wouldnt say so, no.

But its ok for Arius to do what he does. Always infer I am dumb. Infer. Like that word from a dumb guy Arius?

I agree Kel.

Shut up about this childish nonsense now. If you feel the need to name call and be a general annoyance as a result, feel free to PM your target of choice, but don't be surprised if he tells you to shut up, too.

This name calling, backhanded stabbing, ridiculous barbing and baiting, and insulting one another ends now, or your posting disappears if an insult is even perceived by me. It's pretty clear.