Mike Walker - DLine Coach

Word out of Regina is the defensive line coach, Mike Walker, won't be back with the green Riders next year.

Have always liked Mike. It'd be great the have an ex-cat like him back in Hamilton especially coaching in an area of need - DLine!

Go get him Obie!

Decent idea but not Obie's call ... Cortez hand picks his Assistants.

I have a feeling there will be an opening.

Yep. You’re right on that.

I think Mike Walker might be a good candidate to coach our D line. I'm not sure how much experience he had
in Saskatchewan, but suffice it to say, he knows a whole lot about defensive ends.
I hope George Cortez plans this move very carefully.

8) Considering that the Cats did not officially have a DL coach this season, then Walker would be a good addition.
  He has experience coaching D Lines in Toronto and Edmonton also.

   However Mike was a Def. Tackle....not a DE !!!