Mike Vick?

I was the person that posted the Daunte Culpepper post and through it i got thinking what about michael vick in the CFL? is it possible? and if so do you think he's suited to the game?

no way in hell do we want that ^^&@%%%^&^@%@ piece of filth


The CFL would go to the dogs if he played here.

Okay, Bad pun here.

SHort answer......No! :thdn: :thdn:

Two words for ya HELL NO!!!!

he'd be the best QB in the league

Yah, that's what they said about Vince Ferragamo too.

Who is we. Speak for yourself. I beleive in second chances. He is serving his time. Horse racing and bull riding is so humane. Especially for people. Cage fighting is also humane while we are on the subject.

First of all, I believe in 2nd chances also. For Mike Vick or Ron Mexico, he had his 2nd chance a long time ago. He is jail bait.

At least in Cage fighting people have the option of doing it, and not tortured if they lose or don't fight. In cage fighting it's a fight until someone is unable to finish, not until someone dies.

Agreed. I remember we had this discussion around the time he went to jail, and the majority of people didn't want him here.

I think there's a hidden qualifier there, and that is unless he plays for your team.

Listen, if he does this right, fans would get on board - if he finishes his sentence, gets permisssion to work in Canada, came to Regina, proclaimed himself to be a new and improved man, signed a 3 year deal to show he's sincere, cuts a $100,000 cheque to each of the Regina and S'toon SPCA's as a symbol of his changed ways, bought a house and vowed to live here year all year, got involved with some children's charities....why wouldn't he get a shot?

Purely from a playing standpoint, he'd be lethal up here.

From a business standpoint, you can almost guarantee sellouts across the board when he plays on the road, there'd be big attention on him (and the CFL) from the US, drawing new fans and possibly new revenue sources to the league.

If, as I said, it could be done right, I'd be behind it 100%.

1 none of these activities are as damaging and lethal to the animals

2 none of theses activities are ILLEGAL

3 Vick showed disregard for the law. That makes him a CRIMINAL

I dont want kids looking up to criminals.
I dont want criminals in the CFL.

I could not have said it better!

Maybe you need to work on it then, ro....
The overreaction people have to Michael Vick continues to astonish me.
Once he has served his time, I have no problem with him resuming his career. If that meant coming to the CFL, to the Riders, then great. FYB thinks he is worthy of casting the first stone--I know this from another thread--but I doubt that is true. Commiting a criminal act does not make you a criminal. It makes your actions criminal. If you do not continue those actions, the person is not a criminal. That is a judgement made by others about an individual. But seldom is it true.
Dog fighting is legal in much of the world. It has only been illegal in America for 30 years. It is far from being as reprehensible as the reactions that people are giving to it. Reprehensible yes. But "^^&@%%%^&^@%@ piece of filth" reprehensible? Give me a break! The guy made a mistake. He is doing his time. Get over yourselves....

Good, that'll cut down the competition for him if it ever becomes a possibility.

The history of athletics is full of stories of misguided young men who turned their lives around and helped others to not make the mistakes they did.

If everyone who ever made a mistake were thrown on societies trash heap, there'd be nobody left.....

Maybe you should ask this question to the Owners and GM's. They are actually the people making these decisions for the league.

would you be so quick to defend him if he was the guy down the road who you never liked much to begin with??

Yeah, a guy can make a mistake, repent, and be different, but most criminals do not, at least not in their heart. The ones with lots to lose or gain, will usually make a public display of crocodile repentance for the good of their rep and career,but...

If Vick, surrenders his career, still expresses public repentance, and then lives that repentance, then all the best to him. However, there is a price to pay for mistakes, sometimes jail, and often something more personal, like career. Nobody who makes such serious mistake, should be allowed to be in position where kids are prone to heroize and look up to them.

I know this is different, but just to make my point, would you support a convicted pedophile who beleive has repented and changed his ways, and who wants to return to the elementary classroom to resume his career? What if he never did do anything with any of his students in the first place? Would you send you young children to his class??

Seems to me the CFL has always been the league of second chances, and some cases the league of first chances.

As long as he has paid his debt to society and is willing to prove he is a changed man, then he deserves another chance IMHO.

I confess, I am prejudiced against people who choose to engage in criminal behavior, andor maliciously do things to hurt others, andor live with complete disregard for right and wrong and other people. My attitude to such people is generally not very christian, specially when I am not in my best frame of mind. Perhaps my description of Vick was over harsh. He still has not shown himself to be the kind of person I want to see in any sport where kids would look up to him, where he would get undeserved, unearned, acolades, from the point of view of character. By the time it would take Vick to prove his "new" character, his career yrs should have passed anyhow. Has he really repented? Who knows. I choose to err on the side of caution.

I find it odd that you argued against the Rough Riders name on the basis that it would damage the league's image, yet you would accept this guy despite he having committed a crime that many find absolutely disgusting.

Do you feel that having Michael Vick signed would not tarnish the league's image at all?