mike vick; cfl someday?

what do you think of mike vick joining the cfl one day?

Here's hoping that's a big fat "No".....

Why would you want another NFL sleezebag playing in our league?

because he would dominate ^^

i do think he is a dirtvag but if he escapes jail time he will still be in his prime, and will most likely still want to play football. the afl might be a possibility, but we all know he is more of a scrambler and can use the whole field. as much as i don't like him i would think it interesting to see him play cfl football

We don't need him! He can stay where he is. I will never understand CFL fans drooling at the prospect of NFL's coming up here. Especially the druggies and criminals.

Why are you so sure he would dominate the league? Unless you define what Ricky Williams did as dominating!

I agree with not needing him. I would enjoy watching his team come to Regina to play. (IMO) Judging on the past Vick would end up in Toronto: Ismail, Williams, McMahon.

He might be able to run fast. Who knows? Maybe right past defences but I bet he would throw a lot of interceptions. And even more incompletes.

i dont think he would dominate but i think he would do pretty well. better than ricky :lol:

I think he is perfect for the CFL game. With the wide field he has room to run. He has a cannon of an arm to take it deep and exploit defenses. Just think, Vick rolls out to pass 4 defenders break off to contain him, bam passes the ball touchdown.

If he is convicted and does his time and can’t get back into the NFL for being blackballed, then of course I would welcome him, heck, after people do their time, they are entitled to get back into society. But in no way if he is suspended by the NFL should a CFL team hire him which I guess wouldn’t happen now anyway after the RW thing.

I could possibly see this happening one day.

I would like to have him just given all the money and exposure the league would recieve.

All of the exposure would be negative!

The sad thing is that there are more kids out there now wearing Vick jersey's it seems to me. Ok, he's not guilty yet but even if guilty, I bet these kids will continue to wear the jersey, sad, sad.

Like Ricky Williams did? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

well i mean.. who do you think is better between the two anyways? mike vick 10 levels ahead of ricky.

From what I hear, the latest news, Vick will be getting anywhere from 18 months to zero time at all.

I am assuming that even if he is convicted there will be a bail price given with his sentence, which would be posted and Vick would walk anyways.

He will walk.

And when he does walk, he will not walk north to Canada, he will walk south to Georgia.

I also heard about that. I'm sorry, but what is with the American justice system? How could an NBA official get 25 years (possibly) for gambling, but Vick could end up only getting a year for supposedly participating in dog fights, training dogs for the fights, and then torturing and killing them if they didn't perform to his standard?

Only thing he'd dominate is the headlines. No thanks.

I agree. How can Gambling be a bigger punishment?

I am sure if Micheal Vick does come to the CFL, it will be to Toronto. It seems they like to sign the NFL sleeze!!!

Yah yah I said the same thing. I however would not lump Ricky Williams as "sleeze". What did he do wrong again? Smoke marijuana? OOOOOOhhhh how sleezy!(sarcasm)

If that is what makes a person sleezy in todays world then at least 1 in 3 Canadians are pure Sleeze. Besides Ricky Williams did a lot of meet and greets with kids and questions/answer forums. Volunteered a lot of time.

Caroleg62 although you did not say Ricky Williams was sleeze, I certainly hope you werre not referring to him on that comment.