Mike Vanderjagt

Will he work out the bugs?
WIll he rebound towards his most accurate kicker ever title?

Or did Toronto just sign ANOTHER bum from the NFL?

He will be in the top 5 FG kickers, not sure about punting.

Is he doing the punting??

He will be just fine.

he cant see him finishing the season as one of the top 5 Fg kickers when u have Congi, DeAngelis, Setta, Duval, and McCallum.

and yes he is doing punting

none of those guys compared to him in his prime. Not hard to think he could still be among them.

Actually, after his first four years in the CFL, Vanderjagt had a 73% success rate on FGs...All of the other kickers mentioned had/have better. While I think he may still turn out to be a top tier kicker in this league, you shouldn't dismiss the skill/accomplishments of the others so quickly!

Came through eventually in his first week after some misses. He could be a big asset to the double blue but too early to say just yet.

except they didnt do it in the NFL.

Agreed but I'd but Alexis Serna above him as well.
So I guess he should finish in the top eight. :lol:

Hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

kickin a field goal is kicking a field goal nomatter what league its in.

then how come so few of our guys can make there, including Lui????

How come all these others guys are not making the big bucks down south???

He will be in the top 10 this year in both Fgs and punting

Best TSN comment of the night after Vanderjagt missed his 3rd consecutive field goal......

"Noel Prefontaine must be smiling somewhere".

so true, i would kill (RLR) to have Prefontaine kicking in WPG. But Serna's doing well :slight_smile:

iunno i still want an actual punter like bryan munroe was, bt alexis serna has done a fine job with placekicking if he can hold together, i will be once again happy in the bombers kicking game, haven't been that way in o about 17 years.

I vote option number three!