Mike Vanderjagt released from the Toronto Argonauts


He asked for his release!

He wants to spend more time with his family in Florida!

He wants to keep his options open to play again if something comes up!

Is Miami looking for a kicker/punter??? :wink: :lol:

The guy is a millionaire who is married to a cheerleader. Can't get much better than that! Do you think he really wants to play in the CFL for $100,000?

Trading Prefontaine away for a "1 year wonder" doesn't look too good right now IMO. Argos will have to use an import spot now for their kicker it appears.
The fact that Vanderjagt leaves the door open to still playing and had asked to be released, sounds to me that he got his nose out of joint when the Argos signed an import kicker to possibilly replace him.


I have said and this now proves how trading Pre, who was the guts of the team, can now go down as one of the worst ever.

I think the Prefontaine isn't a very good kicker or punter. I never saw him as reliable.

He's a good player and an intense individual but there are a lot better kickers out there that are in the leauge and also you can find some good free agents.

Look at Nick Setta. One of the top 3 all around kickers in the league and he was a free agent.

I have learned that with the CFL, never get too attached to your players. They will either be traded, signed to another team or retire. The days of a player playing with 1 team for 10 years is gone. You support whoever is on your team.

Are there players that you wish you had on your team? Of course.

Are there players that you wish you didn't get rid of? Of course......cough.....Zeke..........cough

You can't change the past. Love the players who are on your team now.

Prefontaine in my opion is not a guy you should cry over. He's good, but not great. Can be replaced.

The Argos did convert Edmonton's first round pick into Jayson Pottinger, a young Canadian linebacker who will be in the league for years to come. Not a bad trade. It will be interesting to see where they start another Canadian if they employ an American kicker. Montreal has employed an American in that spot & they have done pretty well.

Mike had a good Run .. I think he is done..

"More announcements are imminent."

Definitely sounds like someone down south could be interested. His stats last year show he's still more than capable to play in either league. I always wondered why no NFL team nabbed him, sure there were rumors of him being a prick, but how bad could he have been compared to so many other players we hear about (even TO stood up for him when the 'Boys cut him).

Worse than our Moreno trade? lol

Heck, I'm still ticked about the Etcheverry~Patterson for Faloney~Paquette trade................

Sorry, I have to disagree there. I'm no blue team fan and I'd really rather eat glass than say anything good about any of their players, but I knew this trade was NOT a good idea for them. Prefontaine is a great player and apart from a bad stint, has always struck me as being quite reliable.

As for good free agent kickers, as WPG how easy it is to find one of those. :lol:

Setta was a rare find.

BG, I agree with absolutely everything you have just stated.

as one poster suggested that vandy got his nose out of joint when the argos signed an american...mike's ego would prevent him from thinking anything of the sort. there is absolutely no way that thought would've croseed his mind. mike knows he's good and can't even comprehend them finding anyone better than he was..."was" being the operative word....and rightfully so.

The blue team were out of their minds trading Prefontaine to sign a washed up ex-NFLer who didn't need the gig.

Boy, I hope argotom doesn't bring Casey Printers up in this thread.

Full agreement with borehamgirl.

What, did I hear someone say something about Printers.
Well if my Argos were smart, training camp is still a week away, I’ll make the call direct to Casey now that he has no agent and will even pick him up at the airport.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I also agree with everything BG stated. I enjoy my loathing of the Argos and there have been plenty of times that I had wished someone would have pasted Prefontaine as he ran down field to tackle the returners. But I still have to habd it to him...he's a good kicker with an incredible intensity. When the Argos traded him...I thought they were nuts. All to sign Vanderjagt???? Sorry....to me that was strictly a PR move, much like when they sign the NFL cast offs, washed ups or head cases. It's like the Argo organization needs to shove itself into the spotlight screaming...Look at us!!!! Look what we did!!!!

In actual fact and this was somewhat surprising to me, it was the Pinball who wanted Vandy and decided to trade Pre.
He had to convice Rita who was alligned with Pre.
What a bad decision this was.
I guess because Pinball played with the guy in the 90's.

Aside from some nagging injury problems, Prefontaine is still a good player, and considering he's still with us while TOR will now be stuck with a rookie kicker, I say we made a good trade. I'm glad the Esks don't do the 'sign-em-up-because-they-were-NFL-stars-before' thing, or at least only if the player actually can live up to the hype (ie Kelly Campbell).