Mike Vanderjact Gives Argos The Boot? Huh?

That was the headline on the TSN website.
Thats the first time I've read where a player has actually dumped the team he's playing for.
Thing is thats not what happened.
The Argos dumped Vanderjact because he's finished.
He was awful last year. And was paid way too much for what he did.
But why the headline says the reverse is beyond me?
It seems to be worded to be a slam at the CFL.
In that Vanderjact considers himself too good for the Argos.
But that ain't what happened.
Why wouldn't TSN say that the guy was dumped because he was finished?
Its a stupid headline that is inaccurate.
Makes me shake my head.


...b) the first sentence reads what you posted and IMO is toungue in cheek writing relating to the fact the MJ is the team's kicker, sort of a ha ha if you will....

...c) the rest of the article just spells out fact, no slander or bias against the league....

...I dont' see what you see but then again I dont dwell hourly on paranoia interpretation of what the media says about the CFL....

"I enjoy my life out of the spotlight. I thoroughly appreciate all the Argonauts have done for me over the course of my career both before my time in the NFL and after. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the organization." - Mike Vanderjagt

...yeah, really dissing the argos huh?...you can just hear his venom...

Good riddence, Mike was done last year.
We never should have traded Pre, the heart of the team.

I am not questioning your credibility or anything berezin99, but it seems doubtful that the Argos would release their starting punter and kicker two weeks prior to camp and only have one kicker invited to camp.

According to Rita. "This does not come as a surprise to us and we have worked this off-season recruiting kickers to fill this vacancy."

However, if the earlier part of the article is correct in that Justin Medlock is "the lone kicker on the roster heading into the start of training camp," all I can say is that was some recruiting they did this winter!


This was the same headline that was in the Toronto Star.
Vanderjact didn't give anyone the boot.
Argos let him "retire" so he could save face.
It'd be the same as saying "Bryan Macabe Gives Leafs the Boot"
Its ridiculous.

Again, link? Proof? Anything??

Lol he wanted to quit football... he asked the Argos to be released so he could go spend more time with his family in Florida. Don't get all excited saying that he wasn't good enough for the Argos so he got booted, he was one of the few remaining N/I kickers, and just so ya know the worst kicker of 08 was Alexis Serna (WPG)

It seems that Vanderjact has never gotten over Sandro DeAngelis not winning the CFL award last year. He wants to go back to Florida to be with his family and not have to deal with the stigma and stereotype surrounding placekickers. He has also been haunted by his belief that no kicker could ever boot the ball over the loudspeaker at Commonwealth Stadium. He will only go back to the CFL if he can play in Regina where he has always wanted to play because of his fear of hills. He would also accept a trade to Edmonton because he wants one more shot at Noel Prefontaine but Mike is allergic to grass so he could only play in the winter and I doubt Edmonton would want a player who can't play in July.

What berezin is actually trying to say rhymes, is this: