Mike Trout's 430$ million dollar contract

Wow! Does anyone believe the Expos can come back to MLB and compete with this? The Jays?

MLB is a ridiculous business.

Good Lord. That’s obscene.

And the PA thinks there’s collusion Lol…

Maybe he’d like to buy the Als… or the Lions.

Or both!

And will still have plenty of money left over to buy the AAF

That old joke…

What’s the quickest path to being a millionaire?

Start as a billionaire and buy a CFL team.

He could build the schooners a stadium and still have plenty left over.


Pretty good deal for the Angels. Given that 1 War is worth 9 - 10 million dollars, Trout would only need around 50 WAR to earn the entire amount. Trout has averaged between a 9 and 10 WAR for most of his non-injury shortened seasons so there is a good possibility he will have achieved that 50 WAR by season 6 of the deal.

Now comes the task of surrounding Trout with some actual talent, that outside a few individuals, the Angels are lacking.