Mike Sinclair Leaving Alouettes

According to a Marc Trestman inteview on CJAD this morning.

No reason given, we can speculate that it is because he was bypassed for the co-ordinator role.

Trestman also denied the Calvillo coaching rumor, expecting him to return as a player.

Rick Moffat also speculated that a 3rd coach would be leaving the team, no name mentioned.

Definitely a brain drain that hopefully will not affect our ability to sign free agents, our own as well as those from other teams.

here is the link : http://www.cjad.com/blog/AlouettesNews/ ... D=10474491

Well, I said all season long that it was a roller-coaster ride with its share of highs (sort of!) and lows. IMO, there were too many changes at the beginning of the season, and it took almost until mid-season before any of them began to pay dividends. Should we be shocked that some coaches will not be returning? No! Looking ahead somewhat, Trestman must by now be convinced that, while he has a very good football team, there are still some basic elements missing to bring this team to championship calibre. We have discussed ad nauseam the various peccadillos plaguing STs, the "weird" Reinebold 3-4 D, DHs... No doubt Trestman has seen all of this as well and has decided that some major changes are required.

Unfortunately, this will result in yet another shake-up in the coaching staff, at least at the major positions. I sincerely hope that the new schemes devised by the coaches will not be excessively complicated, that the players will be able to easily buy into them, and play in positions where their respective skills and talents may be best utilized. The rebuilding phase, therefore, appears to be well under way. Let us hope that this will bring us success in 2013.

One last thought. While this in many ways was a disappointing season, AC nevertheless had a good year and still played at a high level. I have no idea what his off-season decision will be. If he is back, then the transition to new O-schemes will be less of a concern. If, however, we start the 2013 with a new QB at the helm, then the transition will be major! So, the off-season activity will be one to watch indeed.

No mention of where Sinclair is going? Is he taking a hiatus from coaching, going back to the States, or jumping to another CFL team? (Hamilton needs a DC, after all)

The wording of the story says Sinclair handed in his resignation, which suggests he left of his own accord and wasn't turfed by the new DC Thorpe or Trestman himself. Sinclair gave us five years of solid D-line coaching. I wish him well, and frankly, I don't think he suddenly started hating Marc Trestman. If he couldn't get along with Trestman, he wouldn't have been here so long.

I find this change exhilarating. We need new blood in our coaching ranks, and we're getting it. Sure, there may be bumps this coming season, and the replacements will have to prove themselves, but I'm not going to play chicken little right now. I want to see how everything plays out.

No surprise for me. For the past 2 to 3 seasons, I always wondered if Mike would leave. Probably going back to the States

If I had to predict who will be the next coach to leave, I would say Matt Sheldon,Linebackers Coach.


If I had to guess the next assistant to jump ship, I’d say Carson Walch, but that’s just a guess.

Also, I’m glad these departures are happening in early December, rather than late January. It gives Trestman time to hire good replacements and hit the ground running in camp.

Basicaly starting from scratch now. Trestman can build an entire new staff. Another hard off season for Coach. Now we will see how this affects Jim's ability to keep our guys...

Rick Moffat retweeting a rumor that Sinclair is headed to Sask. as DL coach. At least it`s not the Argos.

Ben non, c’est juste toute la ligue qui vient piger dans notre jardin. Quelqu’un est vraiment tanné que les Alouettes forment une équipe gagnante et voudrait qu’elle meure encore, histoire de donner une chance aux autres équipes de l’Est, particulièrement avec Ottawa qui s’en vient.

Je délire, c’est certain, mais il demeure que ce n’est pas normal de subir autant de départs chez les entraîneurs (il y en a eu quelques uns l’an dernier). Je deviens sceptique pour la prochaine saison, ne serait-ce que pour ça. Vamos a ver.

With all the positive tweets he is receiving - Bowman, Scooter Berry, Mullinder - plus the fact that he was signed last year to a long term contract, I am wondering more and more why Sinclair would be bypassed for the 2nd time as defensive co-ordinator.

I have questioned his ability to develop d-linemen in the past, but obviously his players think otherwise.

So why Reinebold and Thorpe over Sinclair?

Et s'il avait signé un contrat à long terme, comment se fait-il qu'il puisse s'en aller?

Peut-être que Sinclair avait annoncé son départ avant même que Reinebold ne soit limogé. Si Popp tentait de mettre la main sur Thorpe depuis un an, il est très possible que Sinclair en ait eu connaissance et qu'il ait averti l'équipe de ses intentions à la fin de la saison. Après tout, un gars veut avancer, dans la vie.

Bonne question, surtout si`il quitte pour la meme poste avec Sask.

Tuesday morning, Trestman revealed, during an interview on a Montreal radio station, he wasn’t expecting defensive-line coach Mike Sinclair to return, although Sinclair was under contract for next season.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/T ... z2EJA7sO9i

He had a year left on his contract, but Trestman allowed him to resign so he could pursue other opportunities. Anyone who thinks Trestman is some kind of tyrant driving coaches away should remember that he has never stood in the way of his coaches pursuing jobs elsewhere. Plenty of coaches would have denied Sinclair's request and kept him tied here for another year.

C'est très sensé.

Si on se fie à ce que Hawkins a relaté sur Trestman, il ne semble pas du genre à forcer quelqu'un à rester dans le giron de l'équipe s'il croit qu'il a de meilleurs opportunités ailleurs. Hawkins a rapporté que Trestman avait fait plusieurs appels pour l'aider à trouver une niche dans la NFL.

Je crois que foncièrement Trestman veut du bien aux gens qui l'entourent, et que si ceux-ci estiment qu'il est ailleurs, il ne les retiendra pas. On pourrait penser à McPherson comme contre-exemple, mais lorsque Trestman a insisté pour garder McPherson, Calvillo avait un cancer dont l'issue n'était pas encore connue.

Indeed. Hawkins, Owens -- Trestman let them go so they could flourish elsewhere. I doubt we'll have any trouble attracting good players and coaches when Trestman is known to be a man who keeps his word and doesn't stand in your way if you want to leave.

I don't believe in forcing anyone to work for you. Mike did some great things for the team and we were lucky to have him for five years. Sorry to see him go and wish him the best.

Mike Sinclair is taking over the Riders defensive line.

Best of luck to him, though I find it weird to see him make a lateral move to Regina of all places. :lol: