Mike Sherman - the new Montreal Alouettes' Head Coach

But the pick gives the fans hope, it could have been much worse. It will be interesting who he picks for his staff and then Kavis and his crew will have to find the talent... But a coach like Sherman makes convincing coaches and players much easier.

Hopefully coordinators settled in the next 3 weeks, 4 tops, so the "team" has a month to prepare for free agency

Wonder if Sherman has a cadre of his own guys to fill coordinator positions - ie. ex NFL guys who are currently out of work, or working lower than their previous levels in hi-school or Division 3 college?

Or play it safe - bringing in subservient men (ie. waiters and towel boys) like Khari Jones, Marcel Belleifueille, etc. Perhaps even Danny Macocia?

Joseph would be a decent hire as OC, he's got lots of spunk. Another name is former Als pine-rider Ryan Dinwiddie, aka Old Blue Eyes!

Not a chance Macioca leaves his gig with the Univesite de Montreal to be an OC.
He has control of the team at the U of M something he will not have joining the Als.

Likely a few of his own guys + who the Als recommend. Wonder if he bring in his son-in-lawis an Assistant Wide Receivers Coach with the Rams? Lowly position, but still that is the NFL. Any of the other guys Sherman trusts are probably in their 60's just like him.

Personally I hope forposition of DC, the Als pass on 68 year-old Rich Stubler.

My optimism tony? I know quite well that the team needs a good QB, new and better players, but I am more optimistic with Mike Sherman as Head-Coach -despite the fact that he has no CFL experience- than I would be with Marcel Bellefeuille or Mark Washington or DeVonte Claybrooks or Tommy Condell or Gary Crowton or Rick Stubler as the Head Coach.

This hiring has been quite welcomed by the French media and I am sure that the whole organization feels better tonight. Again, I am not saying that there will be a Grey Cup parade in the streets of Montreal 11 1/2 months from now,but the foundation is stronger than it was yesterday.


I do agree with you,regarding Stubler as DC,okie. I don't like his defensive schemes, which are bend but don't break.


Mike Sherman accepting the head coach's position means that he and his wife like the city of Montreal well enough to leave Cape Cod. This also indicates that he will probably have the final say on hiring his assistants.

There are two other things I like about him:

  1. He seems to be a no-nonsense guy who tells it as it is. He indirectly dissed Kavis Reed a few times about the lack of passion the Alouettes displayed last season.

  2. Montreal has improved its scouting network with Sherman's hiring, as I believe Mike Sherman is a better scout than Joe Mack.

I also agree with both of you regarding Stubler. I would love to see Mark Nelson as the Als' DC.

Moreover, a classmate of mine, who used to have Stubler as his DC, noted that the latter was basically senile during his latest tenure in Toronto.

I posted the other day on how the team had lost credibility with the media.

Well as Richard just wrote the francophone media have been very positive about Sherman`s hiring.

RDS - Vercheval, Proulx, Eric Leblanc

98.5 - Heppell, and yes Philippe Cantin and Michel Langevin. Langevin even had positive things to say about Kavis Reed who he interacted with at a game this season.

Didier Ormejuste also seemed positive about Sherman's hiring.

The only guy who seemed cynical about it is Charles-Antoine Sinotte, the TVA Sports' analyst for USports football

Herb Zurkowsky?

Rich Stubler remains in play to become #Als’ defensive co-ordinator. More talks will take place on Thursday, I’m told.

OHHHH! Johnny is pleasantly surprised with the hiring of Mike Sherman!

There are no guarantees, but he is a worthy choice deserving of a chance. He was a HC and GM for an NFL institution in the Green bay Packers. He coached a hall of fame QB, and had success in the NFL. He will command respect from the players.

A strong leader and very well versed in Xs and Os. He also most likely has a ton of contacts in the USA for players and coaches.

There is still a way to go, but this was a step in the right direction. Now Reed needs to improve the roster, and Wetenhall needs to be hands off.

We'll probably never truly know if Reed hired him, or if it was Wetenhall's choice...

There are still hurdles to overcome, but Johnny hasn't felt this good about the team in a long time.

As I said in another post, there is allot of work to be done on and off the field.

I do hope Sherman surrounds himself with people familiar with the CFL game.
And no question Reed has to do a much better job with the roster.

I am no fan of Reed and if it were me he would have been gone at season's end.

The proof will come with Wins and how many fans attend the games.

Good to hear your impression, I haven't made my own impression yet but, I value yours.

Johnny: You make a good case for our new HC- NFL success, GM experience, "most likely has a ton of contacts in the NFL for players and coaches." This could bring a needed experience. Back in the 60's the TiCats had Jim Trimble as HC and, he did bring super players to this team especially the late NFL cuts which translated, in large part, to the TiCats great success in that era. As noted, I also share the general positive impression of our new HC.

The Rise and Fall of Mike Sherman (Chapter 5)


Marc De Foy of Journal de Montréal also had good words/praise for Mike Sherman.
Same concerning Kavis Reed. He wrote about "audace".

Mike Sherman will be at L'Antichambre on RDS,Friday at 19:30 hours.


Hfx: I also have developed a distaste for the stupid moves done by Kavis and his management crew which are well pointed out in your note. These actions have frustrated us all. I shall be 80 years old in 3 months. Since the age of 12, I have been an ardent fan of the Als and, have learned that patience can be a virtue when it comes to a follower of the Als. I waited 21 long years from 1949 to 1970 which are two dates in which the Als won a Grey Cup.
I have always enjoyed your posts and, have thought of you as " the greatest of all fans" although at times your frustration must not be pleasant to have, in these hard times. I believe I know enough of you to make a prediction. I believe the Als exist under your skin, you might stray but, when the Als management improves, as it will in time and, when the quality of their rookies are revealed, in all their glory, I believe you will revert to your true self and, will again be in the forefront of all the fans heading up the hill cheering on the team.
I'll share a slice of my life with you. When I moved to Niagara Falls in 1971, my Mother agreed to send me all the Gazette material re the Als. Until the internet, I saved all this material and, up until the internet, these writings occupied several paste books of info and data on our team. When I retired at the age of 53, I began to think about writing a best seller on our favorite team and, the quantity of paste books increased in volume. Later I read Frank Cosentino's A Passing Game and, enjoyed the manner to which he used newspaper data to glide the reader through this very good book. Yes,I thought I'll use similar such data on my best seller. It was in 2006 Hfx, that you registered with the Als Forum. I became a fan of yours around that time. Recognizing your obvious talents:you are well read, you have been most successful in your business life, likely established your own business, you have traveled widely both within Quebec, Nova Scotia and elsewhere in Europe and Canada, including Grey Cup cities and, being a Quebecer, you do enjoy Southern beaches in Winter and, you like Old Orchard in Summer. My plan was to contact you when I completed a rough draft of my book and, thought you might become a business partner with me.
Unfortunately, I did go into a difficult health period in this life, suffering a severe bout of depression. I also experience frustration at times and, in one foolish moment in my life I destroyed this material, while in a very difficult state of mind. Today, years later, I regret my foolish action. We both have done things on impulse, in frustration, in the spell of an unpleasant moment or, in anger at times. Most of the Als fans reading this will likely also recall such a moment in their lives. We have regret. But, we move on. I value this exact moment of contact with you. We'll start to enjoy the Als rehabilitation and, we'll share expectations together and, I'm certain we both will move ahead with the fun of sharing the life of the Montreal Alouettes. Its been a good ride and, thanks to Cfl.ca, we're not alone.

With the hiring of Mike Sherman, I wonder if there are better chances that QB Colin Kaepernick could sign with the Alouettes; I know that he previously said that he won't come to the CFL, but he could always change his mind. Would be a great addition.

There are not too many options regarding current CFL QB's; the potential free agents are not great.-I assume that Masoli will re-sign with Hamilton.

We keep hearing that Coordinators with CFL experience have to be signed by Mike Sherman, but,along with the QB's, not too many good ones available. Regarding Offensive Coordinators, the only ones I can think off,provided their teams allow them to be interviewed for a positions other than Head-Coach, are Marcel Bellefeuille and Tommy Condell.