Mike Sellers

....Released today by the redskins...I know he said he'd finish his career in bluengold but the question would be, does he have anything left in the tank at 38....I don't know if we would have any interest in bringing back 'thunder'???? Maybe an invite to tc. :roll:????? OR has this ship sailed :roll:

The old one game and retire a Bomber contract is all I would offer him.

I doubt the Bombers have the flexibility to use a roster spot for an import fullback that can't help on special teams.

That ship has definitely sailed. Mack likes to sign young guys with lots of upswing, not 38 year old import FBs on a team that doesn't utilize a FB very often.

That would be nice considering Mike never let the paper screw-up affect his play on the field during his second year. We owe him a little and if he still wants it great.

First part is right - they prefer younger players with inexpensive contracts and potential, and they won't use a NI in that spot. As for not using a FB, one may not be on the field full time but they're using one more often than they had, adding Pontbriand and shifting james green to FB last year.