Mike Sellers

Does anyone know which NFL team Mike Sellers went to or what happened to him?

he plays for the Washington Redskins now. i miss him,i thought he was a good fullback.

yeah they signed him to a long term contract so hes gone pritty much for good

is he a starter

ok i answered my own question hes 2nd string HB for the redskins

Yeah...If you have Madden NFL 06 you can see him in it. Which I find is awesome! Freak Train fan for life. - Mike Sellers.

Speaking of Mike Sellers i think the bombers have really missed him this year, there running game isn't as strong without him. He was a huge presence on the field

yes it was, it was a loss for the bombers... if only regimbald could do the same

oh ya i only have madden 2005 thats why i couldnt find him :slight_smile:

He was a special teams player for the skins last year, what a waste of his offensive talents.

shows you though... he would rather waste his talents in the NFL....than be a huge offensive player up here.....maybe it could change but I doubt it....come back Mike...Blink and the Bombers miss ya..... :arrow:

Can't blame a guy for making several times his CFL salary by even sitting on the bench in the NFL. Pensions are involved too, ask Doug Brown about that! Sellers has said though within the last year that if push came to shove and the NFL no longer were in need of his services he would like to end his carreer in Winnipeg.

Mike Sellers starts @ fullback for the redskins.

it says on http://www.redskins/team/depthchart.jsp hes 2nd string fullback