OK - i think we all agree that Daley has gotta go! he's a brain dead moron not worthy of head coaching status!

I was watching the Oregon game this past weekend and wondered if Mike Riley would ever consider coming back to the 'peg. I think he'd be a GREAT step up from Daley. Any thoughts???? Who else might be in the running for the job - Kent Austin?

Some of the calls Daley's made in the last few months have left me scratching my head :shock: He's gotta go!

riley would be great but i am sure he makes much more money coaching college ball than he would up here. i was sad to see him go when he left.

Riley would help you guys. Hmmm Kent Austin...Untried Waters. I'd hire Eric Tillman to replace Taman.

I like the look of Austin ....heard also he demands a lot of respect.....and can be pretty tough....could be what we are looking for....

Dare to dream....Blackdale...Dare to dream.....

May be we can offer him a lifetime pass to our zoo..

ok - Riley might be too expensive and i'm sure he's well settled in Oregon now. Austin is a good start - any others we might consider? do ya think Walby would ever get into coaching?

I'd luv to see Tyrone Jones & James West coaching - that would be entertaining to say the least! I'd love to see the swagger back in the "D" and i'm sure these guys could restore that. Does anyone know what they're up to now? Throw Rod Hill i the mix and look out! Anyways, i know it's not realistic, but oh well!

When all's said and done, we need a "winner" and Daley is not what i'd call a "winner"!

walby is not what i would call winner coach material.
austin maybe.... although toronto isn't winning due to their amazing offense. stubler could be good but maybe not head coach material. doesn't talk much. maybe we should ask cal murphy who we should get. i wonder if doug flutie would consider coaching. he could be a playing coach.... now that would be helpful. lead by example they say.

i was thinking about the coaching situation in the peg over my lifetime. we had solid coaching until cal murphy 'left/was run out of town for being old' in 94? i think. then we had no coaching until ritchie showed up. now again we have no coaching. notice the importance of a head coach. in the years with good coaches we always made the playoffs and were usually in the running for a cup appearence. yes i realize last year we missed the playoffs but to ignore the injury problems we had last year would be foolish. and daley finished off the year so we can;t know what would have happened last year had ritchie stayed. i think the single most important change in the offseason we could make would be to solidify a quality group of coaches. rust was good but needs to be reliable or we need to replace him. the rest of our coaches would be on the bubble i would say but most important in the head coach. they are the leader and embody the spirit the team will have. that is why the don always has good teams. his i can do whatever i want attitude is transferred to the team and they always expect to win and are not happy with losing to any team. we need someone with a winning expectation. in defence of daley, apparently he did not want the head coach position originally but was asked to take it. but he did stay on this year and he should have returned to his ass coach position and replaced with someone else. maybe i will send in an application for the job. under qualifications section i will simply write 'better than daley'. this may not be accurate but i would enjoy the challenge. but if i was possibly worse than daley... that would hurt my ego a little. i don't think i could possibly do worse than daley though. and i would definently not be the worst coach we've had . jr has got the wropped up for a while.

Saskargo woudn't endorse Kent Austin!

I was teasing the Rider posters, but, you know Don Mathews hasn't been in Winnipeg yet, and he's worn out his welcome in Montreal.......