Mike Renaud.....done

.....looks like Serna will have to take on all of the kicking duties as Renaud has a torn mcl and will be lost for the rest of the year
Tough break for Mike.....he was having a great season...I hope he returns healthy in 2010...the guy is a keeper..... :thup:

Maybe I was taking a "Beer refill" break, but I don't remember him getting hurt. When did he get hurt??? Hamilton???

...he was hurt on a special teams tackle on turkey day.....Serna will have to take on all of the kicking chores now.....something he did last year :wink:

Thanks Papa!

It did happen when I was refilling a cool one! 8) 8) 8) 8)

It is a shame, the kid was pretty good, best punter the Bombers have had since Jon Ryan left.

I also think he has to get some credit for Serna's improved play this year, as he's been able up to now to concentrated solely on Field Goals.

I also liked his attitude. . . sort of like Prefontaine and Boreham, not afraid to make a big hit (actually relishes it). . . too bad that eagerness came back to bite him.

Terry Caulley sent him into la la land when Renaud tried to recover his own kick.

Renaud is a good punter. But Serna is quite talented at directional punting, too. He proved it in Hamilton. You'll be all right in the department.

Renaud's injury is a torn ACL...

Serna looked just fine in relief...Hope Mike recovers well...love his attitude...

It was Caulley's helmet to the knee that caused the problem. Caulley lowered his head just as Renaud was getting there.

I replayed that hit a dozen times,and I never saw a helmet to the knee,before they said it was an ACL,I thought he injured his forearm or wrist the way he went down and was pointing at it on the sideline.

It was kinda odd,was watching the game telling a buddy just before the play, how more ppl want Renaud to go down and go after the ball on the kick.I told him as much as I like that,I hope he doesnt do it too often because.........WHAM!.......well thats why. :frowning:

Love how Renaud plays.

Every punt I see him charge like a bull with an agenda. Sure, most of the time the returner easily side steps him, but when they don't.... :twisted:

Come back soon Renaud, you and Serna make the best kicking pair in the league.