Mike Reilly

Well Reilly is nine games in to his tenure with the BC Lions after one of if not the largest contract in the history of the league. The Lions are now 1-8, Reilly has one of the worst passing percentages of starting quarterbacks, more interceptions than touchdowns, and one of the worst passer rating among starters. He does have the second most passing yards this season though. Last season he appeared to have lost a step. In hindsight, was it worth the BC Lions to let players like Elimimien walk and pass up on a guy like Adam Bighill just to give Reilly top $$$? I thought it was a bad idea at the time and am glad the Lions won the bidding war over the Riders.

I don’t know what they are trying to do with their offensive line in BC, but not much is working. Winnipeg had their way with them all last night too.

But it’s not all the line, for the receivers are under-performing too.

Maybe BC should start the overhaul and rebuild for the next season also via the NFL cuts in September.

The Rocket was making around 4.55 million per season in Toronto in the 90’s, which would be around 6 in today’s money. What Mike is making is chump change in comparison.

Which does not mean that spending the money that BC did on Reilly was a wise investment without the pieces to support him.

Where did I claim that it was a wise choice?

I was simply responding to the first sentence of the OP - “Well Reilly is nine games in to his tenure with the BC Lions after one of if not the largest contract in the history of the league.”

That was in a no salary cap era though. You can’t compare those two.

Rockets was a personal services contract with Gretzky and the other owners, not a team salary IIRC, similar to Fluties deal with Rykman in Calgary.

Mike has had basically no offensive line to work with. Charleston Hughes made a career out of two straight games against BC’s line. No wonder the guy can’t get much done, he’s already ducking after the first steamboat in his head or he’s looking for the safe sideline pass.

We had a guy here in the Hammer who couldn’t take three steps back without already having two guys clinging onto his arms. He had no time to set up and therefore could never show off his skills. So we let him to go Montreal. His name was Calvillo. I wonder whatever happened to him………

I guess in the salary cap era, the question is whether or not alloting this much percentage wise of your cap to one player is worth it. This will really put Hervey in a position where he will have to come through on scouting.

Always an interesting question, it gets asked in almost every other major sport. The Lions must have figured his stature and personality were worth it in a market with slumping ticket sales.

Like you said, the challenge now is to find 5 fat guys who can block in front of him. The imports they brought in for the Hamilton certainly helped him and the running game. It was the defence (which was also your point) and the special teams that really did them in.

From the momentthe amount was determined, it has always been inevitable that Mike Reilly will restructure his contract in order to surround the team with more talent.Probably multiple times. Trevor Harris just did, and he signed for less than Reilly and is having a much better season.

On paper the Lions signed Chunng. Boyko FINALLY came to the CFL. Foucoult was also highly touted.Hunter Steward also has been CFL SOLID.
But they have NOT lived up to exctectations!

& yes the BC defense STINKS.



But when you pay your QB way more than any other, you don’t have money in the cap for good O-linemen, receivers, running backs, or defensive players.

It’s really no surprise that Reilly has been sacked 35 times in 9 games. It’s surprising under the circumstances that they’ve managed a win and a couple of close losses.

I agree … but was asking if it was the coaches fault if they had all the talent that had been cited.

Your comment was simple, coherent, and in context.

Which is why I said “one of” and people correctly pointed out that wasn’t salary. Though I know you are just trying to troll for whatever reason.

In Edmonton Reilly got the protection to be a gunslinger.
Not the case in BC for many reasons that have been discussed.
Wen there are issues with the passing game. Whatever the reason. Who ever the QB.
Teams scheme to establish a strong Run game.
This season alone. The Riders and Als both made it a point to do that. Among other teams.

And just to add, The Riders have a ‘strong’ passing game this season. Both a stong passing game and a strong running game are in the tool bag folks