Mike Reilly

Well one good game does not a season make but Eskie fans must be happy with Reilly.
Very efficient throwing motion...short "backswing" and unloads it.
Showed great mobility and leadership today I thought. Bodes well.
Seems to be respected and respectful. Great addition so far.

He looked good during the parts of the game when it wasn't raining. It will be interesting to see how he plays against his old team at CW after having a few games under his belt with new team mates and a new offence. Hopefully he rises to the occasion.

Hang in there fans-- Been following REILLY closely--

IF this guy ever gets TIME to throw watch out-- He is a real gunslinger-- He has an amazing arm and can really pick teams apart--

im from BC and was upset bigtime as I felt the LIONS should have kept REILLY and shipped LULAY off to Edmonton-

REILLY is going to really do some great things once he gets some protection and better receivers--

Yeah, respect for Reilly. He took a hammering in the first half and kept working. Serious props.

After watching the beating that guy took on Friday night, I was blown away by his ability to get up and keep coming.
Nothing but respect from this Cats fan. He deserved the W.

This year might not be to good but the future is yours with reilly.This guy is going to be good, you just need to find him some help.

Esks fans better start rallying around Mike Reilly or they could see him as the RedBlacks new starter next year. This guy is a keeper. His stats in last nights game back that up: 35/46 – 511 yards and 3 TDs – 0 interceptions. The only faults I have with him are around timing issues - a little too long to deliver on some passes but that will come with a bit more practice. Watching him march the Esks downfield in the dying seconds of the last quarter knowing it was too little too late showed great heart by him and the team. Pretty close game considering that TO sits top of the East.

Remember, this guy is in essence a rookie. He's going to make mistakes as he learns.

That said, and this is from a Rider fan, Reilly showed real grit and toughness tonight. Last week, too, for that matter. Let the guy grow into the job, and you will be rewarded. You won't have long to wait, I think.

I just hope his toughness doesn't end up in another case of "Buck Pierce Syndrome".

I hope your right this guy is a keeper I hope our o-line can gel and protect him otherwise it could be a short carreer.

I don't think there a problem with Eskimo fans rallying around Reilly

Edmonton's fans are not a problem, however they better start providing him with better protection, he is taking a beating out there.

Reilly Is just starting to show what he will do, With a few years under his belt, he will be one of the best QB's in the CFL I think. Plays with a lot of heart. He gave us a good run for our money, and we have a good D!! He is soon to start winning games for you, and this may turn into a race in the west yet!!