Mike Reilly VS Adrian McPherson

Who would you rather bring in to push Matt Nichols for the starting job, in 2013?

Mike Reilly, 6ft 3" 215lbs, 1985-01-25
CFL Player Page: http://cfl.ca/roster/show/id/3881
Passing Stats: 53 Comp, 77 Att, 68.8%, 694 yards, 4 TD's, 2 INT's, Rating 103.5
Rushing Stats: 34 Att, 122 yards, 3.6 Avg, 2 TD's, 4 Fumbles
*Notes: The BC Lions almost cut Reilly during their 2012 Traingcamp/Preseason

Adrian McPherson, 6ft 3" 220lbs, 1983-05-08
CFL Player Page: http://cfl.ca/roster/show/id/2827
Passing Stats: 145 Comp, 243 Att, 59.7%, 1505 yards, 10 TD's, 6 INT's, Rating 81.1
Rushing Stats: 218 Atts, 1035, 4.7 Avg, 20 TD's, 2 Fumbles
*Notes: 50% of the Media says McPherson is a freeagent in 2013, 50% of the Media says 2014 (we'll find out in Decemeber).

My take:
Mike Reilly is the SAME type of QB as Matt Nichols. I believe Nichols can throw a better ball then Reilly, it would be interesting to see the battle between two similar guys. Although, imo, id rather see Edmonton sign/trade for Adrian McPherson. McPherson is a big strong, quick rusher who brings a dual threat to any CFL team at QB. I would like to see the Eskimos run a completley different offence around McPherson. When teams blitz McPherson, he can use his legs to open things up down field. Unlike the average QB. Would Montreal allow McPherson to go with AC on the verge of retirement? It will be interesting.

Mike Reilly signs for big bucks in Winnipeg. Adrian McPherson stays in Montreal with AC likely retiring. If AC does not retire, McPherson will NOT wait one more year and will want out. Giving Edmonton a window to make a deal at a lower price. No other team will likely want McPherson, as everyone else has a starter (if Reilly goes to Winnipeg). Trading McPherson is not the end of the world for Montreal. Who is also very high on their other young QB's in Josh Neiswander, Stephen Garica & a few on their NEG List.


T9 word. :thdn:

Right now, Matt Nichols is the quarterback of the future for the Eskimos. Neither McPherson or Reilly will be coming to Edmonton. Eskimo’s success has always been form developing from within, not trying do land other teams projects.

Throwing all your eggs in one basket with Nichols is a mistake. If he gets hurt, then who do you go with? Id rather have two then one. And saying neither McPherson or Reilly will come to Edmonton ... thats WAY to early!

Grrrrr. . . .

Anyway, assuming that you want to target McPherson, what would you, let me ask you the same question I asked another poster. Would you (a) wait until he becomes a free agent and then chase after him, knowing you might get some stiff competition from Winnipeg, or (b) make a trade for him now with Montreal, so as to make sure you get him and not get out-bid by the Bombers?

Sorry Madjack, i do ALOT of writing and do NOT have the time to honestly care about THEN or THAN lol so you'll just have to get over it. :thup:

BlueBombers are VERY high on Lions QB Reilly. From what i've been told, hes their target ahead of McPherson. If you could trade another pending free agent like Chris Thompson (someone who's replaceable) then make the trade. If not, await the free agent market to open.


That's sad.

If you do a lot of writing, then you should take some pride in your work instead of being sloppy.

So who's your source saying Winnipeg will be after Reilly?

McMahon ?


Mentions in this link that 40% of bomber fans say pursue FA Mike Reilly....

Well that's fine as far as it goes. . .

But just because 40% of the fans want Reilly doesn't necessarily mean that the team is after him.

But as for this:

It makes all the difference in the world who is involved here. If MadJack were to say that I've been told by some guy I met in the liquor store yesterday that Winnipeg is after Reilly, you shouldn't give that much weight. If, on the other hand, CFL reporter Dave Naylor reports that ex-Winnipeg Assistant GM Ross Hodgkinson told him that Winnipeg is after Reilly, then that you'd probably give that some significant probative value.

So, between those two extremes, where does CFLvsNFL being told something by someone fit in. . .? Hard to say.

First off MadJack, i have no idea who McMahon is. And dont care. Clearly some people on here are in love with the guy cause his name is brought up daily. Im not going to come out and say who told me certain things because if i were to mention their names, i would no longer get the insider information. Thats why people call them a source. They have asked me to not mention their names. So take it or leave it.

And as for my work. I do care. On here, a FAN BLOG, i dont. Get over it.

McMahon was a well-known poster (but no,we didn't love him !!) who regularly posted nonsense, claiming to have inside knowledge, but it was all b.s.

So when you claim to have inside knowledge, forgive us for a 'once bitten twice shy' attitude.

Its all good. :thup:

Does McMahon still write on here? Id like to read some of this bs lol. For some laughs.

I dont really think McPherson is a good enough QB to start for the Eskimos, if I wanted someone to be brought in to push Nichols it would definitely be Reilly. Hes younger and more talented, and Nichols and Reilly can both use their legs to evade pressure, they also throw far better balls than McPherson. If we are going to trade for anyone, let it be Reilly, and if he goes to free agency, I say we go grab him if it permits we resign most of our defensive starters.

Reilly has my vote 100%

Its fine that you like Reilly more then McPherson. But to say he is more talented is unfair. McPherson has been a backup in the CFL for awhile (unlike Reilly). And has alot more CFL experience. Also, Mike Reilly was 1 quarter away from being cut by the BC Lions in 2012. Both are good prospects. But McPherson has better legs to evade pressure then both Nichols & Reilly! McPherson throws a good ball as well, but both havent played enough to judge who's better. You like Reilly, i like McPherson. Its all our own opionions. I have McPherson 1, Reilly 2. And imo, i think McPherson has a strong arm them Reilly.

Mike Reilly vs Adrian McPherson vs Bo-Levi Mitchell.

Out of these three QB's, who would you rather have as your starting QB? And why?

Based on what Ive seen from the two, Reilly looks better, and im not too sure if McPherson really does have a significant advantage scrambling the ball, Reilly did that well when he was given the start against SASK and Nichols has shown he can take off, McPherson may have an arm but id definitely say Nichols and Reilly have far better accuracy and no lack of arm strength anyways. As for it being "unfair" to judge them. I disagree. If one of them is brought in, they may be our future starter or backup. I want the best one, and so far I like Nichols and Reilly the best. They are younger and just as talented if not better than McPherson in some ways.

Adrian McPherson could rush for over a 1000 yards in a season as QB. No joke. Ask Matt Dunigan.