Mike Reilly Insults Pigskin Pete On TSN ESF Preview

Anyone see this on TSN.....Nice hat on Reilly.
There's no way a guy that seriously where's that hat can beat us at Home. There's only one guy that can pull that hat off!
I feel better now going into tomorrow!
Let's get behind our boys!!

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/can-edmonton-crossover-and-win-it-all~993662]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/can-edmonto ... all~993662[/url]

I can’t see this guy beating us at home…
This should be pinned in our locker room…

For the record... people don't "where" hats, they wear them.

You're really not helping the stereotype that Hamiltonian people are ignorant and under-educated.

Did you ever think that the poster may not be from Hamilton and just a supporter of the Cats or spell check automatically did it and he didn’t notice before hitting submit?
If we can put up with Slimjim and his “them” instead of “those” all the time, then this is poster should not be publicly chastised.
This is a football forum, not a place to highlight these types of errors.
Give the poster a break.

Mike Reilly ??? What a clown !!! :lol: yer going down !!! :rockin:

Good thing you were able to correct the official record before they changed all the textbooks and dictionaries.

Rielly looked more like Foreskin Pete.

The joke is on Reilly. The football gods interpreted his Pigskin Pete hat as a Tiger-Cat inform, and as a result, he got injured. All the gods know is that Cats players must fall.

Sorry about that, good luck with your “Make Grammar Great Again” campaign on internet forums. I will have to send back my university degree and feel shameful the rest of the night on top of the lose!