Après une prodigieuse carrière de 13 années dans la Ligue canadienne de football dont sept avec les Alouettes de Montréal, le demi Mike Pringle, selon plusieurs le meilleur de l’histoire de la LCF, sera admis au Temple de la renommée du football canadien en septembre prochain.

Following a glorious 13-year CFL career, including seven seasons with the Montreal Alouettes, running back Mike Pringle, arguably the best running back in league history, will be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in September.

I thought you had to be retired for 5 years before being inducted into the Hall of Fame???

:) I'm been an honor 3 emoretols of Mike Pringle, Michael Pinball Clemons, our Natick,

Massachusetts Doug Flutie There are true elites to the Hall Congradulations to all.

Pringle was one helluva runner, great and well deserving honour. Small but tough as nails and so strong.

Of course it was gonna happen eventually, but I never thought this soon.

Also, I know Pinball is the type of guy that will be crying :lol: I can't wait to see his smile inducted in the Hall of Fame!