Mike O'Shea's lifetime ranking as a Bomber coach

I get the impression that he says he's a Bombers fan but he wants to see the Bombers lose just so that he can say "See! I told you O'Shea was a lousy coach."

Perhaps he's even an NFL supporter and would therefore like to see the crowds stay away in droves so that the CFL goes away and thus can no longer serve as an impediment to NFL expansion into Canada.


Some long time Bomber fans are loyal, to the on field product, but not the off field blue smoke and mirrors.
I, for one, am often critical of the "management" of My Team, but seldom diss the guys breaking bones to entertain us all.
The lemmings reference has followed the Big Blew fans who just refuse to acknowledge that this wonderful franchise, even today stocked with quality players, has been/is just mis-managed.
On a micro scale, NO'Shea's bad call(s) cost us the last one.
On a macro scale, WAD continues to sell, almost Trump-like, that the Team "earned a profit on operations", year after year. But, but, it owes a lot more every year than it did the year before?? Riddle me that, Batman.
When Mike NO grows up, looses the macho, starts thinking ahead, when WAD comes clean and puts away the blue smoke enema machine, the negatives should cease.

Now lets pound Tyranna, twice.

Well on their way to pounding Tyranna, at least game 1 of the 2-parter but as we've all come to know 'n hate about O'Shea/Hall/Lapolice - the bombers offense may suddenly go anemic, the defense might start opening the field to an Argo bounceback - and then its anything goes!!!

Yes Papa I did know about Winnie. I'm a Bomber fan after all.

There were lots and lots of Bomber fans there. I've never seen so many at an away game. There were a lot of empty seats but when I tried to buy tickets two weeks ago most of the seats were already taken. i think a lot of Tor ST holders just don't show up. Cottage country and it's Sat afternoon are just a few reasons.

Harris ran for over 160. Nichols threw for over 240 and 2 TDs. Medlock was perfect all night. If we had of been a little more precise the score would have been very lopsided. All of the Argos points came off of our mistakes and the refs benevolence. Mistakes do happen even to the best of teams and we all know that the refs can't possibly affect a game's outcome, right ? ::slight_smile: The refs were quiet and then all of a sudden starting throwing those flags like they were burning their fingers. Hey, here's a guy(me) complaining about reffing and my team won. Wow !

We played a great game but that's got nothing to do with management or coaches. ::slight_smile:

And lo and behold, this one's for you Lyle. We got there early and walked around the grounds for a while. Still waiting to get let in, I spot Kyle Walters standing there. My son and I went over and had a lengthy chat with him. I refuse to divulge what he said. He's a nice guy and he knows what's happening.
My son got a pic of Kyle and us on his phone and when he sends it to me I may post it. He's smiling at YOU, Lyle ! :wink: ;D

BMO is a great stadium. Seats are close but bearable. It reminds of how a football stadium should be. Gonna check out THF next Sat. I knew a new stadium would change the Bomber's chances of winning. We just could not seem to win in the Skydump. We even lost the 92 GC there. I sat through that.. The wind was swirling all the time at BMO. One punt would sail 60 yards, the next one right after would go 35. There was no real advantage kicking form one end or the other. Maybe the south end was a bit better.... It is too noisy to hear the refs. Every chance they get it's either some bimbo yelling into the mic or loud crap music. At least they played one AC/DC clip but that's the best it got. The videotron hardly played any replays ? Great afternoon regardless.

Losing yesterday to the broken Argos would have been disasterous - 1. For the players, 2. For the coaches & 3. For management if they wanted to create a crowd anything in the 24,500 to 26,500 range for Argo return bounce next weekend.

Good bounceback game by Mighty Matt Nichols - as he's back in his 70% completion groove; still struggling with certain long out patterns but very solid indeed.

O'Shea didn't really have many coaching brain-farts - other than guaranteeing Andy Harris would carry the pigskin on goal-line short yardage - which meant Argos knew what was coming - and they still couldn't stop it.

Argos struggled without the masterful man Ricky Ray - plus NO Bearcat Woods on D. Ray can make a .333 team (which is probably what Jim Popp handed Trestman) into a .500 team - and eventual Grey Cup champion - mostly due to BL Mitchell having a classic choke job at the worst time!

3-3 without Nichols for 3 games is about where most thought the Bombers would land. O'Shea knows his team should be 4-2 . . . . but its NOT. Big challenge for Bombers to turn up the marketing and pull more than 25,000 in for return engagement vs. Toronto.

So, losing to a broken team would be disastrous and winning against the same team means we aren't really that good. I see how it works now.

Eeyore. ;D ;D

…...Glad you enjoyed the T.O. experience Dan...You picked a great game to take your son to...at least from a Bomber perspective

….Our guys played it like it should be played...What more can you say about Harris...Wpg. 'Harris' Bombers for sure...He can do it all and what an outstanding performance...The D certainly played better except for one db. who I'm sure is trying to do a 'Roc Carmichael' impression...Cooper was really getting picked on and was the weak link...That has to be shored up....Medlock had a good game and Nichols once he settled down was excellent.....

..The propensity for this team to let the other team to 'get back into it' is a little concerning...I got a bad feeling after we coughed up the ball on a couple of occasions that another B.C. horror show was around the corner...but we didn't quit in this one....The tsn panel said it best....To be a true Cup contender we have to have a 'killer instinct'...When you get the other guy on the ropes...you knock him down...Don't let him get up off the canvas or you might end up there....Keep up the pressure to be a true winner....Let's see if we can hang another beating on them at home...That could signal this team wants the Cup this year..and make us forget that blip in B.C...Here's hoping

My son is 27. Sometimes it's him taking me !

On the way home we were talking about just that subject, the lack of killer instinct and how we haven't had it for a while now. Although, if Nichols had of connected with Darvin, those two misses would have been TDs. I blame the wind there. Darvin touched both of the passes. They sailed over him. The wind was very strange. Swirling strongly and then a lull. One time the flags on the posts at one end were whipping wildly horiizontal, while at the other end the flags were limp.... We never saw Randle out there. We never heard what the problem was. The depth chart listed him but his absence was noticeable.