Mike O'Shea's Last Stand...

Tough match up this week going into Hamilton, especially after the TiCats were humiliated last week. Bombers are likely looking at 0-3.

The schedule is especially brutal for Winnipeg to start the season - - and that's why I explained Week 1 was almost a "must win" for them against a poor Alouettes team.

There's no free spot on the bingo card until after the bye week when they travel to Montreal. And by then the Bombers could very easily be sitting at 0-8. Anything less than 3-5 and I'm afraid they'll do something stupid, again, and fire O'Shea.

Which would be a terrible mistake because he's one of the best coaches in the league. Unfortunately, he's stuck with a middling QB and a Canadian talent base that's still rebuilding after being decimated by the previous incompetent regime.

I like him, too.

What, you couldn't think of something bad to say about the Riders today?

What, you couldn't think of anything worth posting to add to this thread?

O'Shea perhaps might make a good ST coach but as a HC he's in way over his head. I just haven't seen the team improve under his watch. :frowning:

He's likely to get fired because the team isn't getting it done and that means someone has to get fired. The GM would rather it not be him, so someone else takes the fall.

O'Shea will land on his feet, I'm sure. He's a good coach.

Lapo will be the HC long before they would hit 0-8

100 % agree :thup: I couldn’t have said it better myself. By the way for those not keeping track the Bombers are now a sparkling 12 wins and 26 losses under O’Shea’s watch. :thdn: to take it one step further since going 5 and 1 to start the 2014 season O’Shea has guided the Bombers to a record of 7 and 25 in his last 32 games as their HC. :oops:
Take it to the bank , O’Shea will be the 1rst HC canned in this 2016 season. LaPolice will be running things in the Peg by Labour day if not sooner. The excuses are running out for Mr. O’Shea and the writing is on the wall with his lack of wins and results for the good fans of Winnipeg. Trust me he should be and will be replaced , as Xvys has already stated he’s in way over his head as a HC in this league.

As opposed to the guys before him, who did amazingly well as coaches in Winnipeg, right?

The problem in Winnipeg is at the management level.

Exactly. However I expect that Winnipeg will do something dumb and fire him during the season.

[i]O'Shea made a huge mistake during his first few days on the job. When he did this, Johnny knew he would fail.

He hired Marcel Bellefeuille as his offensive coordinator! :thdn: [/i]

oh I'm not disputing that upper management is also to blame and a problem but as for coaches that preceded O'Shea ironically the last one who had any semblance of success was none other than LaPolice albeit it was way back in 2011. I actually feel for you Bomber fans believe me being a Cat fan and living through what we call the "dark era" circa "03-08" when it seemed that no matter who we brought in as a coach or who we signed as a FA that nothing seemed to work for us. It seems like the same symptoms are now in Winnipeg. I just feel that O'Shea isn't the answer for whatever ails this team. I do agree that he has proven himself as a more than capable Assistant/positional coach in this league but so far as the Head Honcho he has failed miserably. I'm not saying that at sometime in the future that O'Shea might not wind up being a good HC someday but not right now unfortunately.

In the 2014 season,O'Shea had the Bombers off to a 5 and 1 start to the season, RB Grigsby was leading the League in TD's. An injured Oline and 7 games later Grigsby who was still leading the League in rushing was benched and then released.
The Bombers have never recovered ever since.
Grigsby signed with OTT this week

Shocking as it may be, that hire was actually a MASSIVE upgrade over the previous OC - - Gary Crowton.

Most had never heard of Crowton when he was hired, but as I explained at the time of his hire, Crowton is a horrible coach who's failed at every level.

You might as well blame the alignment of the sun and moon for the Bombers struggles as blame it on the release of Grigsby.

The guy is a terrible football player. If you don't believe me, you can revisit my comments in a few months when Grigsby is dumped back onto the scrap heap.

Its the shorts. OShea comes across as a goofy looking gym teacher. He should go to Moore`s, get a nice pair of tailored pants, and the Bombers record improves immediately.

But seriously, Orridge, once he stops talking about the new Argos experience at BMO, should institute a dress code for coaches. Stubler last week also on the sidelines in shorts. Looked like a senior on the golf course.

O'Shea has a solid mind for football...but I am not convinced he is HC material. IMO he may fall into the category of too laid back / easy going. He is a great man to deal with and talk to...pretty laid back and can be very clear and relay vision extremely well...unfortunately I think he lacks the ability to lite a fire...that is often an important part of the job. Unfortunately, the "player's coach" often struggles...which is a shame but often reality

Big ups to O'Shea for pulling one out on the road in a hostile environment. He coached his a$$ off tonight.

Yup, O'Shea outcoached Shovelface for the win! :thup: