Mike O'Shea

Alouettes have interviewed Mike O'Shea for special teams coach. I say pay the man whatever he wants, he's great! :rockin:


need to find a Chad Owens equivalent to go with him.

The mere fact that they are interviewing O’Shea is great news, because it means (as the article says) that Bischoff will become the offensive-line coach, replacing Himebauch. I have nothing against Bischoff, and his work as RB coach was always good, but he’s been a disaster as ST coach.

Well, with all of the trade rumours flying about, who knows where the dust will settle?

STs have been one of the glaring weaknesses with the Als, so it's good that the Als are "shopping around". With O"Shea, there are also the famous trick plays that can come in handy in spots. The question is: who would we have to give up to get him? Unless, of course, his contract is about to expire anyway.

We definitely need help on D also. Further, we need some depth there. I think this will be one of the things that the coaching staff must address ASAP.

My biggest concern is with the QB situation with AC back for at least one more season. I hope that the Als can sign/re-sign/extend most of their offensive stars back for the 2012 season. Many of them have contracts up to and beyond 2012. I sincerely hope that the braintrust will look seriously into integrating AC's successor (AD or someone else?) into the grand scheme of things and get him involved in as many games as possible to allow him to benefit from AC's long experience and success.

I don't get why Toronto gave us permission to interview O'Shea. It would be a lateral move for him. The Argos would be well within their rights to refuse our request. Unless O'Shea's contract is up?

You're bang on. We might have to pay 5 000 bucks to the league like the argos did for Chris Jones. I read somewhere he was being interviewed by hamilton too.

Could be $5000 bucks well spent.

Corey Chamblin to be named new HC of the green riders. Did they not Watch the east semi-final? :roll:

Ah yes, the Corey Chamblin who thought it was a bright idea to take premiere pass rushers like Hickman and Baggs and frequently drop them back into pass coverage. . . great hire. :roll:

Chamblin's defense got torched through the air in the ESF, and on the ground in the EDF. He's only had one year as defensive coordinator. Not a great hire IMO. Methinks Taman put too many eggs in the "bring Kent Austin back" basket and this was a panic hire after Milanovich and Benevides were off the job market.

That's possible I suppose d&p. . . but on the other hand, all the rumours were that Taman wanted Chamblin last season and got overruled by Miller who picked Marshall. Then this offseason, again Chamblin was rumoured as the top candidate there, and it seems their interest in Austin only perked up when word leaked out that Hamilton had their sights set on him. There'd be hell to pay if Hamilton signed Austin, so they went after him to cover their behinds, and then when he said no they went back to what had been plan A from the get-go.

For their sakes, I hope he turns out to be a better head coach than he was a coordinator. . .

I really fail to understand why Taman has thought so highly of him for an extended period. . .

You're probably right, Jack. Have to say I'm not a huge fan of GMs basically anointing one guy to be the HC without doing their due diligence. Reminds me too much of an old boys' club where it's not how good you are, but who you know.

While I am not saying that the information from RDS is not correct, I am nevertheless surprised that this information has not been on TSN or Sportsnet or from Herb,particularly that it concerns O'Shea. If he comes to Montreal it will be because he did not appreciate being completely overlooked when/before Milanovich was hired. May still be in competition for the Hamilton Head Coach, but I don't think that it will be him. No idea who it will be,although I would not be surprised if Tim Burke is chosen.


Has just been posted on TSN.


According to Dave Naylor, Mike O'Shea interviewed for Special Teams Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach with the Alouettes.


Ah, the ol' Assistant Head Coach trick. That's why we have permission to interview him -- technically it would be a promotion.

We might have a shot at O`Shea. I would expect Dickenson or possibly Burke to get the Hamilton head coach job.

What I really don`t understand in all this is why Chris Jones was not considered for Sask. or Ham. Did he eliminate himself by taking the Tor. job?

I would have lost alot of money if someone bet me Chamblin would become a head coach before Jones.

Does anybody remember O`Shea shoving Als Dr. Lacroix when he went on the field to tend to an injured Alouette at an Als - Argos playoff game a few years ago? Dr. Lacroix shoved back and the Als were the only team penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Considering the argos played the als 5 straight years in the east final from 2002-2006 my memory is a bit fuzzy there. I remember us beating them 4 times. That much I'm sure. :wink:

I'm hoping.... not :stuck_out_tongue:

A little googling shows that the O`Shea - Lacroix dustup was in 2004, wow time flies.

November 15, 2004

Hello Frank Clair!

Argos, Lions will be kickin' it


MONTREAL -- We can hear the cries of "Arrrrrgos" ringing in the streets of Bytown already.

It's not bad enough that Senators fans have had to put up with Maple Leafs fans' well-deserved smugness after yet another spring of helping the Senators book tee times.

Now the autumn is going to be given over to another of invasion of Ottawa from The Big Smoke.

The Argos upset the Alouettes 26-18 last night at the Big O in the Eastern Division final, setting up a showdown with the B.C. Lions next Sunday in the 92nd Grey Cup at Frank Clair Stadium.


Football might have fizzled at Frank Clair like a wet firecracker in the closing weeks of the Renegades' season, but after yesterday's CFL playoff games, it looks like a fresh keg or two of gunpowder and an order of fireworks are on their way for Sunday.

Hey, whenever the team doctor is getting flagged for objectionable conduct after mixing it up with a middle linebacker, you know the game is on.

That happened in the Argos' upset win over the Alouettes when Montreal team doctor, head medical coordinator and head enforcer (apparently) Dr. Vincent Lacroix got into with Argos linebacker Mike O'Shea and Argos defensive lineman Jonathon Brown when Lacroix went on the field in the first quarter to attend to an injured Alouette.

"Hey, people get into it," said O'Shea at centrefield of the Big O as jubilant Argos teammates celebrated the win and their first trip to the Cup since 1997.

"It was his player and he was helping protect him. The point is moot now. At this point now, the only thing is going to Ottawa. Anything else would have been failure. We've achieved one of our goals. There's one more to go. We're not going to Ottawa to have fun. We're not going to participate. We're going there to be champions."