Mike O'Shea: Will he or won't he?

Man Mountain O'Shea is causing all kinds of internal hairs to be pulled out in Winnipeg as he plays his usual non-plus game of 'Stubborn Mike'. Will he re-up as Bomber head coach? Will he force GM Ky Walters & CEO Wadzilla into a Mexican stand-off?

Logically, O'Shea has to ask himself what more can he do other than holding the legendary Grey Cup for the better part of 4 years.

Look at the prospects facing The Mountain Man:

  • He will certainly lose at least 1 member of his coaching staff, perhaps up to 3, the key departure would be OC Buck Pierce.
  • Some of his older players have begun decline, in various stages. Adam Bighill was a gridiron disgrace last Sunday. How much further can he drag his beleauguered 36 yr old body? How badly has his speed declined? No question he's a gamer? But the world is full of slow, ineffective gamers!
  • Other retirements, abandonments or NFL glory-seekers > Dalton Schoen, Stanley Bryan, Yoshi Hardick, Dru Dejarlais, Dieter Nichols, a few more.
  • O'Shea already defending his sagging kicker Marc Leggio, this is causing quite a ripple in Winnipeg as Leggio basically croaked as badly on the main stage as any Bomber in the last 50 years; perhaps only Ryan Dinwiddie's Grey Cup presentation was as bad as Leggio.

In essence, The Bombers prolly want O'Shea back for continuity and security - not to mention stifling an expected degeneration of their season ticket base. But if O'Shea re-ups and has a team of sad sacks to coach he might only be able to drag them to a .500 record. Or worse? Thats what terrifies O'Shea.
O'Shea has at least one year Get out of Jail Free cards left from the amazing goodwill he's generated last 4 years. But even Get out of Jail Free cards expire.

One must wonder whether this run of success will attract any interest from the NFL ... not as a HC (although the Jeff Saturday hiring does shake up expectations) but even a position coach, let alone a co-ordinator or A/HC, would be both a new challenge and a first step towards a NFL HC position.

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Well Lyle, you are once again seeking to balance out the Bomber optimists. I consider myself in that camp.

I don’t believe that there will be any issue with O’Shea resigning. He likes to do things a certain way and will sign when the time is right for him. I am sure he expects the Bombers to be a top contender next year and probably once again the pre season favorite, as would most CFL pundits.

There is no question that Bighill is getting long in the tooth but I don’t believe he has declined as much as you insinuate. He hasn’t dropped off a cliff after being named defensive MOP just one year earlier. Remember that he was the only starting LB that played most of the year with Maston injured in pre season and Wilson very early on. In fact the Bombers easily were hurt the most of any team on the defensive side of the ball with 5-6 starters out much of the year and for the GC. In addition to Maston and Wilson starters also out were Houston, Taylor and Thompson. Rotational players and back ups and also special teams contributors that were out were Hallett, Hansen, Kramdi, Ford and Rene. I’m probably missing one or two. Their defence was decimated by injury most of the year yet still somehow was the top defence in the league. By the GC they and especially Bighill, also hurt much of the year, were running on fumes, although they weren’t the Bombers weakness on game day. That was the offense and a right leg. Bighill was still the QB of this motley crew that still finished as the best in the land.

There of course may be retirements as you point out and Bighill may even be among them although I am betting on one more year, as I am for Bryant. We may lose Schoen. It is inevitable that some losses in personnel will occur but I have no doubt that Walters will find decent replacements.

As to the coaching and management staff, that is of less concern to me. Aside from O’Shea, I wouldn’t want to lose Richie Hall the most. Buck can go if he wants to. Hall did much better with less in the GC. I also think McManus is at risk.

As to Liegghio, I have already listed several times about what I think of his future and why and will only say here that I hope he is replaced.

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I doubt if anything terrifies O'Shea. All the reasons you use here are the things every coach faces every year. Business as usual, despite your best effort to create a controversy. I'd be shocked to see him go anywhere.


O'Shea is 54. Even an A-HC position with his old friends, The Detroit Lions would be a salary upgrade but how many years could he toil in NFL obscurity with an organization not known for building winning teams?

Mike O'Shea's post Grey Cup hiccup is a combination of extreme disappointment coupled with learned savvy. Perhaps O'Shea is waiting to see what Buck Pierce does? If Pierce takes a head coaching spot in Ottawa or Montreal that give O'Shea incredible leverage as Pierce was seen as a clear successor. Without Pierce to fall back on - O'Shea may be able to strip-mine CEO Wade Miller of at least $100,000 more than he's making now, tied to a 3 to 5 yr guarantee. So even if the Bombers lose coaches & players - O'Shea's financial future would be guarandamteed.

OR ... would hiring O'Shea be the first step towards making the right decisions and building a winning organization?


Bombers are heartbroken that they didn't get their win so that they could talk about their history of success for another year. It's all they have.

O'Shea will get his 3 year deal that puts him amongst the highest paid in the league. What he doesn't get is the freebie "dynasty", build a statue, pass that the troika were counting on.

If MOS was smart he would pack up the pickup and head back to the woods of North Bay. He is already a millionaire and has a far greater risk of trending back to reality than he does of continuing to win GCs.

Next season is another story and it is to be seen what kind of team they put forward. I'm not seeing 15 - 3 yet but expect they will be active in free agency trying to patch the holes. Defense has 1,000,000 miles on it and needs a face lift for one.

Not too many holes to fill depending on re-signing free agents. Defense will be fine. You've neglected to mention the large number of injuries on defense that the Bombers incurred this season in your reasoning.

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I see that you are back and starting in with criticizing the Bombers without cause. Please do tell which Bombers have been talking about their history of success. Please also explain why that is all they have. I would hate to learn what the other teams have if the Bombers have so little as you imply.

Next Quote:

O'Shea will get his 3 year deal that puts him amongst the highest paid in the league. What he doesn't get is the freebie "dynasty", build a statue, pass that the troika were counting on.

Please provide a basis for your statement that the "troika", obviously including O'Shea, was looking for a freebie dynasty and a statue. Those statements are practically nonsensical.

Next Quote:

If MOS was smart he would pack up the pickup and head back to the woods of North Bay. He is already a millionaire and has a far greater risk of trending back to reality than he does of continuing to win GCs.

Do you know that O'Shea is a millionaire and if so please explain why that would prevent him from coaching football. There are many millionaire football coaches and players. Are you suggesting they all quit once they accumulate that first million? Please also explain what trending back to reality means. Reality is that O'Shea has won two of the last 3 Grey Cups as coach and several more prior to that in various capacities. I would hazard a guess that 95% or more of CFL coaches, management and players would love to have his reality.


The real reality is some people are not happy unless they are throwing shite... Best to leave those types in the trash heap...aka lifetime ignore...


Solid, honest review of the Bomber dynasty Jon. O'Shea is obviously playing with the media & fans, obviously Bomber management in playing his little post Grey Cup game of Cat 'n Mouse. Its also his way to process the Bomber's 4th quarter collapse in their most important game of the year. O'Shea, although seldom expressing emotions (other than sarcasm) is somewhat heart-broken that his team gave up the ghost and O'Shea was impotent in reversing late game fortunes).

I think its about 85% he's re-up for another 3 years regardless of how many players or coaches he loses next year.
Still a chance another team makes an offer with more money and more guarantee. We'll prolly never know such an offer exists as O'Shea purchased Maxwell Smart's 'Cone of Silence' a few years back.


Winnipeg is starting to crack and will likely be overtaken in the west next year.

Keep fishing buddy. You might want to try a pickerel rig though, crank bait ain't working for ya.


Nah just justified.. what I said about Winnipeg the whole season proved to be true when it mattered the most. Like it or not Toronto is the new sheriff and Winnipeg is now irrelevant

Oh no, relegated to the irrelevant heap like the Rider's entire past season. Say it ain't so.


If winning 2 straight and losing the 3rd by 1 point is now irrelevant, I'd hate to know what the rest of the league is.


Nobody remembers who lost the Grey Cup

The North remembers

No need to get upset with me.. I'm just the bearer of bad news for you I guess

Not upset at all, just disputing your opinion that no one remembers. Bombers came a kick away from yet another (yawn) Grey Cup.

We'll see what next year brings.

And I find you the bearer on funny news, not bad!