Mike O'Shea: "Sick to his stomach"

Sadly that’s unlikely to be the case for our Riders… O’Day doesn’t even know what position to target let alone players! :laughing:

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Right? Unlike so many Bomber fans I give Montreal total props for the win. They played that much better than the Bombers. Same with Toronto last year. Too many fans don’t take a good hard look at the entirety of the season and historical data to properly assess what could happen. They just look at the meaningless stats like no touchdowns or the roster and win-loss records and just assume one team will dominate. I can tell that the Bombers didn’t do that sort of crap.

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Hopefully any new hire would make it a condition of employment to have a huge say in talent to be brought in.

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The cap evens the field. Good teams can see an exodus but bad teams can’t necessarily scoop up everyone they need.

The Bombers, and every other team, will lose good players but should be able to get some too. Others will be filled from the inside. Relying on FA is never good for lasting success.

I can’t make any predictions about how good or bad teams will be until after the FA.
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I expect Bryant and Thomas to retire. Eli will replace Bryant. They’re probably going to re-sign Grey (who is the one I would look for a bit of an improvement for). Neufeld could retire too so I don’t know who else can slide in there. If Revenberg makes it to FA that’s a guy to go after. I doubt Toronto can re-sign all their defensive linemen so they could maybe pluck someone from there. They could use more defensive backs in camp and receivers.

I suspect Rose will not be back but they should be able to replace him. If Gauthier is back I suspect he will be resigned.

They need to work, big time, on special teams. Cover teams were not great this year. Castillo will be resigned. They need a new punter, badly. Sheehan was great at positioning kicks but he was crap booming them when needed.

It will be interesting to see what the off-season brings. Hopefully, they can make another run.

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Bighill was actually not on the field that much. Especially in the second half. Schoen on the other hand really should’ve been in a backup role. I would have had Ambles in the starting position.

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I think Gray has peaked performance-wise. Can’t see how much more you can get out of him. A durable but certainly not over-powering offensive lineman.

He was bullied and/or confused by the Als rush in the Grey Cup. Kolankowski & Gray were essentially worm holes in the Bomber o-line.

Whatever the Bombers situation going forward, i am sure they will not have to wait another 29 years for the next GC victory.
On the other hand, the Tiger Cats are at a 24-year drought, and will likely be hard-pressed to erase that, given the weakness in coaching and scouting.

I disagree regarding Kolankowski but, yes, they could look for a replacement for Gray. The pressure in the GC seemed to be mostly the gaps between the tackles and guards. Not much up the centre or A gaps. Kolankowski was an all-star and hasn’t reached his ceiling yet. Was he perfect? No but no one is. Eli could probably step in now at guard, tackle, or even centre. He’s developed very well and was great in the last game against Calgary.

They seem to have trouble retaining their better players in the last few years too. Then they pay big dollars for guys that aren’t really worth that much. They’re paying Sayles 200K which is way more than he’s worth.

Kola-K was all star so long as opponents didn’t stunt or send unbalanced pressure like Maas/Thorpe did in the Grey Cup. KolaK was over-whelmed by it. Didn’t stand a chance. You had to be there. Don’t think Bombers will let both Hardick & Bryant walk away at the same time. Key question is which one they keep!

Jim Kelly would have doubled the score…