Mike O'Shea next Bombers head coach?

Word in Winnipeg is that Mike O'Shea is the leading candidate to be the Bombers next head coach.


I'd like to see it. I think he's ready for a step up. Other have stated eleswhere that special teams coordinators don't often move to head coach positions.

Bringing in O'Shea as HC would be a great move by Winnipeg. As I've said numerous times, the formula for winning in the CFL is pretty simple - - get a decent QB and the best Canadian talent you can find.

The last thing the Bombers need is another American idiot - - like Joke Mack or Gary Crowton - - who has no concept of NI value and significance. Too many coaches & GMs view the seven required NI starters as a nuisance and just try to hide them on the interior of the OLine. Winnipeg is about the worst in the league for NI talent, and it's no coincidence their record has been so disastrous over the past couple of years.

As a Canadian who played a position typically reserved for Imports, O'Shea won't be afraid to start a Canadian instead of automatically deferring to an import.

Interesting angle.

Well Area-51, for once I agree with your take. Not really sure O'Shea is ready for prime time, but treatment of NIs has been sorely lacking in this league. We do need more Canadian coaches.

…Don’t know about the coaches just yet dan but it appears we have hired Danny McManus (being reported today)…I really like this hire…He has his eyes and ears close to player movement in the CFL AND is going to be a real asset for the Bombers going forward :thup:

Dan McManus as HC? Leave it to the Bombers to completely screw up another coaching hire. McManus steps in with ZERO coaching experience - - another disaster waiting to happen. For the same of the Winnipeg franchise and the CFL in general, I really hope this is just someone's idea of a bad dream.

Who said head coach ? :roll: Player personal is the rumour!

......To clear things up for you...McManus is being hired as player personnel consultant....nothing to do with coaching...Sorry for not being more clear...AND no it's NOT a bad dream just a big step forward :wink:

Thanks for clarifying that.

Good to hear there’s still hope for Winnipeg. But they’d better get someone with at least a bit of experience into the organization pretty soon.

He's not a consultant. He's the Assistant General Manager, Director of US Scouting.

You mean like Ted Goveia who was hired as Assistant General Manager, Director of Player Personnel. And McManus has a lot of experience with US scouting.

yes the two AGM's hired today look good, the Bombers finally have a football ops staff! :smiley:

I do hope the Bombers get O'Shea from TO, I'd rather have him then Cortez as HC.

The question after hiring O'Shea will be how the coaching staff will turn out, rumour is circulating Brady might go with O'Shea if true that means TO will have 3 new co-ordinators in '14 and that the Bombers are a likely landing spot for Collaros, expect the Bombers to name their HC early next week.

Multiple tweets are saying that Bombers will announce that O'Shea is their new Head Coach today at 12:30.

The rumour mill has George Cortez being named Bombers Head Coach today. See who wins, tweets or rumours.

When it comes from Bob Irving, it's as good as Gospel:

@JimTothSports .@BobIrvingCJOB has now confirmed the new #Bombers Head Coach is Mike O'Shea #CFL

Probably as good a source as you will find.

Who's Bob Irving? :lol:

Sounds like a done deal.

Mike O'Shea to be named Blue Bombers head coach
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have hired Mike O'Shea as their newest head coach, according to former Bomber Doug Brown.

The football club won't confirm nor deny the news but has called a press conference for "a major football operations announcement" Wednesday afternoon.
The Bombers are staying tight-lipped but social media spilled the beans early Wednesday morning with many football insiders reporting the rumours.

Brown tweeted "O'Shea is a coach to be excited about" and that "O'Shea has all the qualities you want in a head coach. Well respected, authoritative, ballsy, and a true leader."

When contacted by CBC News, Brown said the hiring was not a rumour to him. It was a done deal.

A three-time Grey Cup champion as a player with the Toronto Argonauts (1996, 1997, 2004), O'Shea played 16 seasons as a linebacker in the CFL for the Argos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 1993 to 2008.

The 43-year-old O'Shea has been the special teams coordinator for the Argos since 2010.

The Bombers have invited media and fans to the downtown Fairmont Hotel at 2 Lombard Place for their announcement, which will take place in the Wellington ballroom on the main floor at 12:30 p.m.

It's official

As long as the Bombers give him longer than two years....... :roll:

Seriously though, management has to give him the players to work with.

Wow, you have some bad info. Listen to Bob Irving not what ever you have in Edmonton :smiley: