Mike O'Shea next Bombers Head Coach?

Rumor out of Winnipeg is that O'Shea is now the front runner to be the Bombers next head coach, with Khari Jones as OC. What can Argo fans tell a Bomber fan about O'Shea?

Well he was a great MLB. :slight_smile:
But I think most GM's like to see a up and coming assistant have some co-ordinator experience before making the jump to HC. I think Mike will make a good HC, but I would hope he can land a couple of veteran OC's and DC's to take some of the pressure off while he learns on the job. Someone like a George Cortez and a Rich Stubler. Don't know if those type of guys are available right now though. Sounds like Khari Jones might be the OC. Mark Nelson has been around the league for awhile, he might be a good DC given the chance.

If O'shea is the next HC in the Peg ( I expect he will be) then I would assume his OC is Khari Jones and DC Greg Marshall.

Also, in my opinion being the Special teams coordinator is on par as an OC and DC and he shouldn't need DC experience before coming a HC. In fact the ST coach deals with both offense and defensive players on a regular basis, making them more experienced as a team manager.

That's a very valid point Fanatic. Let's face it, the last several defensive coordinators who took over head coaching jobs haven't been very successful at it (Rich Stubler, Greg Marshall, Richie Hall), nor have offensive coordinators (George Cortez, Paul LaPolice); looking at a ST coordinator makes sense. . .

Whoops, Kavis Reed was a ST coordinator and he flopped as a head coach as well. . .

Whoops ...you can add Tim Burke to that list as well MJ :lol: ...It seems for every successful transition from co-ordinator to hc., there's six failures...You're right...time to look at a special teams guy and change the channel...I've always liked the innovation shown by O'Shea with his special teams...Seems to think outside the box...I read somewhere that Milanovitch was stifling his creativity and wanted him to be more 'simple' in his thinking...Maybe it's time to move on and I hope the Bombers give him the opportunity.. :roll: