Mike O'Shea as head coach

.....Like many have said I like this hire very much....He brings a wealth of CFL coaching experience, is bright and bled argo blue till recently...We'll have to add the gold to the blue colour and the transition should be fine...O'Shea is on the hunt for a couple of co-ordinators quickly and you can see why with other clubs wanting to fill out their positions as well...I know fans are very tired with the quality of football in the Peg the last few seasons BUT I feel this is about to radically change...I like what O'Shea said about NOT needing a rebuild and we will have Grey Cup as our goal right out of the gate...What a refreshing stance compared to other coaches of the past...Burke with his most recent ramblings of a 3-4 yr. rebuild was not going to wash here....Being realistic as well and heading into a tougher division, I think we have the right attitude and I see a guy like O'Shea getting this team up to snuff quickly....He says the 'old fashioned way' through hard work and character building....Any player signing here better be prepared for some hard work and the day of 'taking plays off' and showing up just to cash a cheque are over....I'm wondering how many players would be willing to follow O'Shea when the time comes...Anyone liking the idea of signing Collaros should/could be happy with the O'Shea signing...How about bending Chad Owens ear, one of O'Sheas special team guys ...Okay now I'm dreaming in high definition...Kidding aside ...I think the hiring of Mike O'Shea is a tremendous step forward and success is right around the corner... :thup: :thup:

....Just being reported....Khari on a flight from Regina to Winnipeg....Another announcement shortly????

Things are definitely looking up in Bomberland, that's for sure. Sad that it's taken this long to get serious about winning, but at least they finally have their ducks in a row and the result will, no doubt, be a vastly improved product for years to come. About damn time! :smiley:

There’s finally a GM who has his s*** together…the whole front office really, getting agressive…looking to see good things from the Bombers.

Someone said it was for an interview so it might be premature to expect an announcement shortly.

....that's why I inserted the question marks.. :wink: I'm sure we're still interviewing a few people...

Although I wish the team had gone with experience for HC, I do hope O'Shea will be successful. After listening to him, I am much more positive and hopeful about next year. The one really good thing about O'Shea is that he's Canadian... I do believe there should be more homegrown coaches in this league.

I like the fact that he is going to move his family here.CEO, GM and coach all permanent residents. It shows a certain amount of commitment to a community owned team. I really feel the organization has turned a corner and the slow climb to respectability has begun . I think our selection of OC will be a big decision. Then the work of beg , borrowing or stealing a QB.

3 Cdn HCs now...IIRC, in recent times this has been the case only once before. Buono (Calgary) Maciocia (Edmonton) and Daley (Saskatchewan). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

I wouldn't have expected this hire but Walters is in charge now and let's hope he knows what he is doing.

....sounds about right Dan....Looking back over the years there's always that stigma attached to American vs Canadian...I'm always of the opinion though,if you are an intelligent man and have shown to be successful at this game in some capacity, doesn't matter where you're from....That goes for age factor as well....It always floors me when I think back to the fact we hired Bud Grant at the tender age of 28, to take the reins....That worked out pretty darned good.. :wink:

For sure Papa. But usually the Canadians are ignored, not like the good old days when homegrown meant something. I believe O'Shea will be successful.