Mike Nelson Gone !!!!!!

8) According to this mornings Spectator, holdover DL Coach Mike Nelson has advised the Cats that he has accepted another job and won't be returning to Hamilton for this season now.

He was just re-hired by the Cats last week !!!! Another one bites the dust !!!!

Just what the heck is going on here with this organization, and who's next to bail out ??? :roll:

Mike Nelson was a Charlie guy. Just another sign Charlie is leaving.

Its called Fallout...Expect Armour to sign elesewhere too...ugly...

Yawn, losing the coach of a D-line that was last in sacks?

Team was last in most things.

If I understood Obie correctly during the last press conference. Nelson had agreed to coach in Hamilton again this year and was mailing in the contract. Apparently something happened on the way to the Post Office, like Charlie resigning.

The Club better get into Damage control mode and get Dave Ritchie in here ASAP and he and Both Bob's can get their shit together this whole situation stinks worse then a coke oven byproducts plant!!!!!!!!!!

This is Quicksand at it's Finest Fokes.


This Team is Sinking Even Worst into mediocrity
Right now I'd Feel Safer on the Titanic

That was Goldman…not Nelson.

This is no loss, truly. I’m not surprised since Creehan probably wanted to move someone else into the spot (like his son…who holds this job in Calgary).

BOB should take action and Fire Mitchel, Then Clear out Taaffe and his cronies, Make Obie the HC for 2008 with Creehan his understudy for 2009, bring back Coach Marshall to put some fire in the Defence !--- A bigger issue than just the Ticats, , Americans who Only view the CFL as a stepping stone or holdover until something in the States opens up for them -re Austin. the BOG should address the issue IMHO

Now I see why you chose that username, massdestruction. :roll:

somethings wrong... and it starts with M...

bring 'back' coach marshall to put some fire in the DEFENSE?

you're either thinking of the wrong marshall (winnipeg's version... who was never here) or the one thats comfortably at Western... who never coached Defense...

My suggestion would be this...

Get WVU to pay something for Taaffe. Use that money to fire Creehan and buy him out. Get Greg Marshall (The ONLY Greg Marshall) in here and let him either do both jobs, or have him hire his own defensive assistant.

I have a better one. Take the WVU money and roll back the ticket increase till the Ticats fulfill their promises…

Taking all of these things together (Obie's delayed signing, Taafe's delayed signing, the WV rumor, the ambiguous denials, the uncertainty over the assistants...) all point to a very disfunctional organization. Is no one in charge providing overall leadership? It's laughable. No wonder the team is so bad.

An Argo-Cat fan

I love it, I encourage more fans to post like this considering the last few years everyone was talking Grey Cups and all kinds of nonsense, last year Taaffe was the almighty saviour who was going to turn monkey urine into wine, the year before it was noodle arm Maas, the year before Cris ‘alligator arms’ Brazzel. For once I’d rather see everyone writing them off rather than having dellusional expectations.

It’s like how are we ever going to replace the almighty Mike Nelson! lol

:lol: That's a good one.

But Obie does have to take over in the short term. He has a former GM in Rambo (unless he jumps ship also) to help with those duties. They'd got the OC and DC in place and with Obie, one of the best coaches in CFL history, to co-ordinate everything. So except for the bad PR I don't see the big doom and gloom here. I think the football team will OK, and that's the bottom line is it not.

We have just lost Taaffe and The Line Coach.
How that for a Slap in the Face