Mike Morreale

Our last player visit will be at the dealership Saturday and what a treat it will be. We are very excited to have Mike Morreale here to sign autographs and talk to fans! Stripes and a couple cheerleaders will be here also. The people who came by when Josh was here had a great time. Mike will be here, on Upper James and Rymal, from 3-4 Saturday Sept. 2, 2006. Come on out and wish him luck for a great game on Monday!

Will he be bringing his big honking motorcycle?....a Harley-Davidson I think......nice bike!! 8)

(stay tuned for more on Mike's motorcycle in the next few days.....) :wink:


I always see you post that website right after I post......I've meant to ask you it's meaning but have been too busy.....

do share....

thanks :thup:

I was just going to ask the same thing

Zontar please elaborate

I think he's suggesting that you might want to lubricate after kissing... well, you get it.

Yeah, I think it's uncalled for, too. (Well, most of the time. :wink: )

I still don't get it....maybe I'm slow...lol

Did I say something wrong? :?

mikey pay no attention you are a good guy and although i might not always agree with your posts your positive attitude is refreshing. anyways i wsa supposed to leave an hour ago but had to check the site.

lol…well, I think I am too!..thanks…

oh, grab me a sub will ya?.. all the usual plus sub sauce and a bit of mayo…(my daughter has my van for a few hours and I’m stuck!) :lol:

I was at the dealership when Ranek was there. Yes it was a good time but I still have not received a phone call to see the pics of Ranek and my boys.

Maybe Zontar is referring to the subtle advertising being done by Nethercott on this site.