Mike Mihelic: bring him to Hamilton

With the release of Randell this week I think this would be a good move.

Isnt he a Boatman.

he was released today.

Holy cow.

I was waiting for this one. He's been injured most if not all of the year. I'm curious to now the extent of his injuries before I jump on the bring him to Hamilton train.

I dont think him and Ron are close.

No Mihelic. Don't you remember he used to get in one fight a game. He was a pain in the butt always taking stupid penalties. Plus, he's not that good anyway. No. No. NO.

I believe it was some kind of hand, finger injury, nothing serious.

Yeah, he was a pretty fiery guy when he played beside Carl Coulter, but he seemed to have calmed down a bit with the Argos.

Is there a coincidence between him getting busted for selling steroids and him calming down? One can only wonder ...

Wonder if he ever recovered his Cup ring.

It was stolen from his car.