Mike McCarthy , a good choice for GM.....now!

Mikey go kiss ass somewhere else. It's to the point of everybody nearly vomiting.

I respectfully disagree with the need for Katz having to resign....but I do know he has some tough decisions to make now....

Disagree all you like. Even Katz must know the team would be wise to bring in a football man to run the player personel decision making. I agree he needn't lose his job doing contracts and running the buisness side of the front office but he's WAY over his head in the current setup


and that's a fair opinion too....we all think in different ways and as long as the debate stays civil, it's all good...."JustaGuy" disagrees with me also but is at least respectful of my opinion so that's also good....and I respect that..

in the end, all we can do as fans is speculate and hopefully debate in a respectful way....

Winning would solve a lot though eh?... :lol: :thup:

Mikey, why would you disagree that Rob has to resign? Let the fact speak for themselves:

  1. He has zero football experience.
  2. The Cats have been outscored 100 - 10 in the last 3 games.
  3. We have not scored an offensive touchdown in 16 quarters of play.
  4. Paopao and et al, brought in by Rob, are a shambles.
  5. Players are leaving this team. Do you think that Corey Holmes wants to return next year? And what's the real story with Jason Goss?
  6. There has been zero movement towards improving our weaknesses - O-Line, Defense, etc.

Come on... He not GM material. You know it. You can't seriously think otherwise.

I do, however, agree with you that winning would solve alot of our problems. lol

Not for me. Winning right now might give those in charge that there isn't a problem when clearly there is. The 2 wins this seson are a clear example of that. After both wins there was an attitude that finally the team had shown what it was capable of and all things would now happen as they should. No such thing occured because the basic problems were not addressed and now we are even worse off than before. IMO the wrong guy got fired earlier but we cannot worry about that now. For now we need to fix the disfunctional setup that got us here in the first place. That starts with Young hiring a football man and letting him make the decisions on coaching and player personel without any interference from Young himself or us the fans. Winning a few games now may make Young think everything might turn out OK after all much the same as it has for the fans after wins in Calgary and Winnipeg

Again, yeah that’s a fair way to look at things…I can’t answer some of your questions obviously (Holmes and Goss for example)…the only knock against Rob I can see so far is waiting too long for the tough changes…firing players like Yeast, Martin and letting others take the fall like Boreham and Marshall were not the answers clearly…and I expressed that privately too so I’m not taking cheap shots here in the forums by any means…

the tough task is here now and we’ll see what happens…

I think Rob will continue to serve this team well…and I truly believe that…he’s smarter than most think…just not tough enough yet…but that’s coming I suspect…

Mikey, a while ago you criticized Lancaster saying nobody should be cut or fired because it hurts moral etc. etc.

Now you're praising Katz (surprise, surprise)and saying Katz waited too long.

Which is it? Are firings and cuts called for or not>

There's a pretty big flaw in the Katz/McCarthy thing. Some posters want Katz gone in large part because he hasn't built a strong enough roster. Yet they want him replaced with McCarthy, the guy in this org primarily responsible for finding talent. In this org, from what I've been able to figure out, McCarthy and his staff find the talent and Katz signs them up.

I'm not suggesting Katz should remain the GM. What a GM should do, and Katz hasn't done, is build a strong, accountable coaching staff that also works well with senior management. Don't know if Katz had the power to do that (my hunch is he didn't) but that should be the GMs job, so he should be replaced for not doing it or replaced because his boss doesn't trust him to do it.

There might be a role for him if Young's as high on him as he seems, but they need a GM that can build and evaluate a coaching staff at this point.

please elaborate on ENTIRELY.
i gotta disagree somewhat.
who hired poapoa? #1 mistake

katz brought back brock ralph
brought in maas,ranek.hudson.cavil,vaughn and holmes.
the big problem was poapoa should have been canned after the shutout,but was katz being held back?
on the onfield crap i hold the coaches and players more responsible

Emms, I concur that hiring Paopao was a grave error. One can only presume that he was brought in by the GM.

If the coaches and players aren't performing, which is the case here, then the GM must step in. This has yet to take place. What players have been brought in as of late?

Well, there was Woodard way back on,uh, Thursday, to help plug that porous O-line. And the elusive Hill is rumoured to be joining us this week to help correct our lethargic receiving corps problem.

True. However, these guys are de facto members of the Cats. We should have been actively pursuing other players prior to this.

I truly hope that the powers at be were actively soliciting other players in the event that Woodard, Hill, et al stayed in the NFL, and not just keeping their fingers crossed.

Steve Sciullo OT,

Arnold Parker and Lawrence Gordon DBs

Is Dixon MLB here yet.

After Labour Day the NFL last Cuts.


Our Player Personnel Department people
are top notch evaluators of football talent.

I am sure they are quite capable
of relaying that info to Rob Katz.

Rob Katz’s strong suit is his ability
to sell players on coming to Hamilton

and getting them to sign a Ticat contract.

I understand that this breakdown of duties
is used in today’s NFL, why not here?

Ron, perhaps I am being too critical. Perhaps, I am just too frustrated. But, at the risk of sounding overly harsh, these guys were brought in over a month ago. In that time, we've had 5 dismal performances. It's clearly not enough.

Seems like most of the critizisim is pointed at Rob Katz. With the team in such disarreay we all need someone to blame. I do not believe the mess were're in, is because of Rob Katz. Yes, he is the GM, but his job is to get the players signed. His job is not to evaluate the talent or to find the talent. When we needed a player before, we were always too late to sign them, thus losing out most of the time. Since Katz has taken over this role, we have signed a tremendous amount of talent, usually before other teams. Yes he hired Pao Pao, but with a lot of advice from the football minds in the organization.(and I certainly don't think this is Pao Pao's fault either...in fact, I wish he was in there throwing some of those deep passes.)
The job description of the GM on this team is not the same as some of the other GM's in the league. Some find, evaluate and sign the talent, some teams have the scouting network to locate the talent....as in Hamilton. This team is as talented as any team in the league. Maas has really dissapointed, for whatever reason. He pulls the trigger on the offence and hasn't been able to get the job done. :cowboy:

JYG, I know patience it is difficult pill for us fans
of this woefully misfiring team to swallow

but it usually takes a month to prep guys to debut in the CFL
and they likely aren't going to set this team on fire anyway.

All the football operations people can do
is burn the film on the last game...2?...3?

come up with a simple game plan, practice hard
and play the players who practice best next game.

We are in dire need of a new 3 year plan, with preparations required immediately. Mr. Katz is not the man to head the onfield football aspect of this plan. Mr.Marshall was in charge of this until his release. A strange organization chart indeed.
We require a football head to take charge and implement an onfield direction. There is plenty of work for Mr. Katz within this organization, but a restructuring is mandatory.

In the interim, this is about the most level headed advice going

I think paopao was one of the instances where Bob Young intervened, or that we were hiring someone for the brandname. We need an OC who understands the game. Period. At this point, im willing to say, "Fire PaoPao, and let lancaster run the offense."

In fact, I will say it. Fire PaoPao and let Lancaster run the offense.