Mike McCarthy , a good choice for GM.....now!

We have a quality GM in house, right now.
McCarthy knows the league, knows how to evaluate talent, and has past experience as a GM. In fact, this team started to go down when McCarthy was let go by Lancaster. After that, he got the job for the Chargers.
Lancaster's era with the Cats has to end. He still has too much influence over the team decisions. Let McCarthy find the new head coach....and clean house. Ronnie is a class guy, and hall of famer, but we must part ways with him now. A whole new direction is in order immediatly. :cowboy:

I would still keep Katz on as Pres. He has done everything asked of him, in his role. When it comes to getting players signed, he's got the job done. This guy is valuable to the organization. When things are going so bad, we're all looking for someone to blame, and it shouldn't be Katz. :cowboy:

That won’t happen, he never worked for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and to get the top jobs on this team it seems that’s a good thing to have on a resume.

Katz is a is a real asset to this organization. His job was to get the players signed and look after the business side. He's job a great job. The problem is Lancaster's influence on this team. It was common knowledge that McCarthy and Lancaster never seen eye to eye. McCarthy was not resigned, same as Sutherin....where's this team been going since?
The problem has not been Katz.

Katz couldnt tie McCarthys shoes laces when it comes to knowledge and connectiions in the football world!Put him in there now so you could get the team some what back on the right track!

McCarthy's forte' has always been finding talent and his connections in the football world....so why would we want him as GM?....seems to me if he was GM, he'd be straddled with all the mundane crap coming across his desk half the day instead of finding talent...

Katz has been doing an awesome job and in fact, almost every football expert in the country were marvelling at the team we had put together this year....on paper, this is a championship team!

...it's not the fault of Rob Katz that it all went south.....but I don't envy him now for the tough decisions that have to be made now....

.....some of the decisions sre not going to be popular ones I'm sure...

That's a GM's job. Find and sign talent. Mike is perfect for the job.

That's a GM's job. Find and sign talent
The GM's job is to find talent?.....I never knew that :roll: ....I always thought that scouts and player personnel directors went out and......awwwww, never mind....

I'm mis-guided as usual.... :lol:

How can anyone say Katz is doing a good job is incredible, most the moves he made almost fell in his lap and since the season has started has shown zero ability to address any of our needs. Receivers, o-line, dbs, special teams and coaching is all pathetic and to make matters worse he fires Marshall only to leave his totally inept staff in place. Let make one thing clear a GM is 100% responsible for the on field product and it looks like we got what we paid for.

You'll have to excuse Mikey- he's in full blown $uck-up mode today...

You should check out Jim Popp’s CIS scouting itinerary. Good GMs get around and EVALUATE. You need a clue to do it.

In Tarzanspeak: Football man good, baseball man bad. Bringing the wood in a football sense is figurative, not literal. :wink:

Contract closer? Katz is good. That makes him an assistant G.M. at best, IMHO. He seems to be competent as a business-side guy, so it’s lateral-move time PDQ.

Oski Wee Wee,

You say that McCarthy was let go by Lancaster, buckwheat?

Don't hang that one on the allegedly all powerful
and cunning Master of treachery and deceit.

As reported in the papers at the time

Mc Carthy left the Ticats because the previous owners',
MCDonald and Grant, stiffed him for $7,000 in expenses,

and probably a few paychecks as they fell into bankruptcy.

As you may know,

when the player's stopped getting their game checks
the league took the team over from the two of them.

Ok...I'll bite....

Please explain that as I'm sure Rob Katz will explain to you the constant e-mails we have back and forth (which I won't share) over my dis-agreement with the Marshall firing.....Rob never ducks my questions but always gives me respect in that I, as a fan, get to question some stuff....

My opinions may be off-base sometimes and he's not afraid to tell me so either.....just because I don't use these forums to get my real opinions across doesn't mean that I am afraid to voice them.....and I'd rather do it "face-to-face" so to speak anyhow with people who can effect positive change...(so much for the "ass-kissing" theory eh?...sorry to disappoint)

Rob and I butt heads in private sometimes but we do it respecting each other....and yes, Rob is a good guy, contrary to what I read on these forums.....this franchise needs him big time!



Sorry Mikey, but the whole organization is responsible for the onfield mess, especially Katz. Put your personal relationships aside and evaluate the performances.

Didn't I just explain that I do?.....

I just don't see the need to use a fan forum to do it.....although I enjoy the forums and do vent a little bit in them......and I cheerlead in them too.....

I'm a neurotic fan...what can I say?.....hahahaha :lol:

Re: Effecting positive change.

Mikey,when you email Katz did you ask him about Lancaster conspiring to "destroy the team from within"
and other really positive ideas?

Zontar...aren't you getting tired of your obsession with whatever I post?....I certainly am...it's getting soooooo old now. I'm past getting baited....

here...stare at this for a change...


The hand thing is kind of lame but what I am tired of is you not answering questions regarding statements you made yourself.
I dont understand why you feel that is so unreasonable.

Mikey, I have to disagree. The franchise needs a FOOTBALL man. Rob is in over his head.

The on-field performance is ENTIRELY his responsibility.

The on-field performance is ENTIRELY his responsibility
No argument here....which is why I posted somewhere today that I don't envy him right now because of the tough decisions he has to make now.....and some of those decisions may not be popular...but that's the "nature of the beast" and goes with his job

…as a fan, I’m bracing myself…


No, you're missing the point.

The ONLY decision Rob should have to make is whether to type or handwrite his resignation.

He's a nice guy, to be sure, but he's in over his head. If he doesn't step aside, or Bob doesn't force him out, the franchise will be in jeopardy.

All of the goodwill that the marketing department has done will be for naught if the on-field product is not improved dramatically.