Mike Lysko.

Mike Lysko, supposedly on his own, cancelled four CFL games following the terrorist attack on New York on this date in 2001. It seriously peeved several governors, who moved to relieve him of his job as CFL Commissioner.

Mike had guts, and loved the CFL.

That ought to be enough.

Thinking of you, Mike.

Having guts and loving the CFL ought to be enough for what?

He was seriously beyond his pay grade to cancel games on his own.

There was more to the story than just him cancelling games after Sept 11th ???

I think he had guts to call out the Argonauts and the League the way that he did. He made a difference in the time he was in charge.

IIRC, all North American air travel was suspended for something like two days after 9/11. There was no other choice but to cancel games.
Braley and Wettenhall didn’t want Lysko from day one, and used the first opportunity to get rid of him.