Mike Labinjo

The Als have acquired Mike Labinjo-DE/DT,N- from the Stamps for future considerations.Major trade,provided he can return to his 2008 for. He was the main reason,at least to me, why we lost the 2008 Grey Cup to Calgary.


WOW!!!!!! Jimmy P is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw this on the Gazette's site. WOW. Popp sure isn't letting the grass grow under his feet. That said, part of me is sad, because with Harriott and Labinjo in the fold, I'm not sure we'll see Anwar Stewart back with the team this year. I know it's probably the right thing to do, because Anwar has lost a step, but he's been one of my favorite Als for a while now.

Qb's are going to be running for there lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm curious to know what the 'future considerations' will turn out to be. Hopefully not too much, as Labinjo had been in Chris Jones's doghouse pretty much from 2009 onward.

I, too, am curious about "future considerations". Methinks the good thing about signing folks like PRod and MLab are that they will both be playing on a winning and a repeat GC team. I'm betting on the fact that the veterans (assuming we get most of them back) will have a maturing effect on these players which ought to help their attitude and team play.

Looks like Popp is solidifying things on the D-line. Still have to hear about the secondary. We certainly had choice words for them at times last season, did we not? One thing is sure - they gelled as a team when it counted. You need chemistry back there and I think our boys had just about right by the end of the season.

Hope to hear soon about our offensive stars.

I have a feeling we gave one of our offensive linesmen which of Woodruff, Steenbergen Bourke ??? or possibly Dublanko :frowning: or a draft pick :frowning:

I am not very big on this trade. There is no way Chris Jones would agree to this if it could make him look bad.

I doubt it's Woodruff, not after the stellar job he did at left guard this year. And if it were a starter, wouldn't they just have said so instead of saying 'future considerations'?

I am not very big on this trade. There is no way Chris Jones would agree to this if it could make him look bad.
Popp wouldn't trade one of our O-line prospects unless he saw something in Labinjo that makes it worth our while. As for Chris Jones, I respect him as a coach, but keep in mind that he was the same person who cut Keron Williams from Calgary's roster. He, like anyone else, can make mistakes.

Labinjo is recovering from a torn triceps muscle injury ( similar to Paul Lambert) suffered late in the season, and will have to pass a physical of course.

Also Calgary has salary cap issues and Labinjo has been in and out of Chris Jones` doghouse because of lack of effort at times.

I doubt Popp would give up a Woodruff or Steenbergen (only Samuel Giguere might be worth that ), and it is probably only a 3rd or 4th round draft pick in 2012 if he makes the team.

Ive always liked Labinjo, I guess I was seduced in the 2008 Grey Cup, and lets hope he recovers from his arm injury and that Mike Sinclair can coach the best out of him.

Pour ma part, Labinjo demeure un gros point d'interrogation. Depuis sa saison 2008, il n'a jamais été dominant. Et il a tellement exaspéré Hufnagel qu'il l'a semoncé dans les média. C'est pas un bon signe, ça. Ça veut dire qu'il a un problème d'éthique de travail.

Si Labinjo veut une place dans l'alignement, il va falloir qu'il se batte comme un diable dans l'eau bénite au camp d'entraînement. Sinon, il pourrait bien prendre la place de Mayne ou Walls dans la liste des blessés pendant 9 parties.

On a de bons jeunes prospects à la ligne défensive. Est-ce que Labinjo vaut mieux que ça? On verra la considération future.

Probably Labinjo will turn out to be this year's Walls / Cheatwood -- a 9-game IR guy. But in the unlikely event that Burke can whip him into shape, Labinjo could be a difference-maker along our defensive line.

I agree with Richard concerning Labinjo's dominance in the 2008 Grey Cup. He shut down Calvillo in the 2nd half to seal the win.

Oui, mais après?

Hufnagel a dit en début de saison 2010 que les Stampeders avaient besoin du Labinjo de 2008. En août, il a dit publiquement que Labinjo ne faisait pas sur le terrain ce qu'il devait faire. Et voilà qu'il s'en débarrasse comme une vieille paire de crampons, et peut-être pour une vielle paire de crampons, on verra bien. Clairement, les Stampeders ont perdu espoir de le revoir jouer au niveau qu'il montrait en 2008, et on le ramasse au passage? Étrange.

Labinjo was a force in 2008, the entire season and not just the Grey Cup.

Since then, not so much. Seemed he was a bit out of shape, and on top of that the Stamps' messed with his head, switching him back and forth between DE and DT.

IF he shows up in shape, and IF he has no attitude problems, he could be a keeper. But if so, I'd really like to see Burke use him in one spot that is best suited to his talents, be it at DE, DT, or maybe even MLB (again, depending heavily on what sort of shape he's in). So whatever spot they see him as being best suited for, play him there and nowhere else. If we use him on the line, I have a great deal of confidence in Mike Sinclair's ability to get the most out of him.

I doubt very much any first stringer is involved in this deal. . . my guess is that the Stamps are expecting a draft choice(s) and that will depend on what shape he's in and whether or not he makes the team, and if so whether he makes it first string or backup.

Still, he's a non-import and if he can recapture his 2008 form, we've got a star. If not, nothing verntured nothing gained.

Right now, I am liking the depth on the d-line:

DE: Stewart, Bowman, Harriott, Walls (? he's probably done as an Al but until I hear that officially I'll assume he still has a future here), Ihekwoaba (NI), Brown (NI), Robertshaw (NI)
DT: Wilson, Bekasiak (NI)
Tweeners: Labinjo (NI), McElveen (he's listed as DT but has played both positions effectively)

Based on the above, Labinjo could wind up back inside at DT. I can't say that I'm opposed to having depth in the interior of the line. I had forgotten that Labinjo is a non-import. Might we see him as part of a rotation with Bekasiak? Burke and Sinclair seem to be very high on rotating linemen throughout a game to keep the line fresh on every snap. Platooning Bekasiak and Labinjo might allow us to use an import spot elsewhere.

Regardless of what happens, it is great to see so many bodies competing for spots on the defensive line.

I'll say. The only thing that I saw in 2010 that i don't care to see repeated is Robertshaw at tackle. . .

Wow, what a lineup!!!!!
DT - Wilson, Bekasiak, Labinjo and McElveen!!!
DE - Stewart, Bowman, Harriott, Ihekwoaba, Brown, Robertshaw, Walls (he's on the off-season roster)
Consistency on the D-line!

There is also Pat MacDonald who was part of the DE rotation until he was injured.

Fixed for you. :smiley: :smiley:

Labinjo retourne à Calgary... pour l'instant.

J'ai l'impression qu'il ne fera pas long feu en tant que Stampeder. S'il recouvre la santé mieux que prévu et en temps opportun, les autres équipes pourraient mettre la main dessus sans avoir à donner quoique ce soit en retour. C'est un gros "si". Et Labinjo, c'est un gros, si!