Mike Labinjo to be cut tomorow in Calgary

AllenCameronCH Al Cameron
by CFL_News
Mike Labinjo era is over with #calstampeders. Team expected to confirm tomorrow #CFL

Could we see him in Hamilton ?

it'd be great if we could go with all N/I DT's, can he play tackle?

He'd be in MTL if he weren't damaged goods. No thanks.

Some may have needed to be reminded of that. Here is a link to an article from the time that the Als voided the trade that sent him there: http://www.torontosun.com/sports/footba ... 55851.html

It's quite unlikely he'll be on his way here, even if he could be moved to DT.

People heal There no harm Bring him for a look
if the Team DR. Pass him then sign him
other wise we pass

But he didn't "heal". That was the whole point of MTL voiding the trade.

It been a year since the Al's Rejected the trade

It was less than four mos. ago.

If he was healthy CAL would be keeping him an/or MTL would either revisit the deal or CAL would have shopped him elsewhere even if it was just for a pick on draft day.

He's not good enough to start here and there's younger, cheaper, healthier cdn OLs on the team already for depth.

So what would be the point other than he's merely available ?

4 Month is nothing …
we have to agree to Disagree
Maybe Calgary tried to Trade him and no one wanted to deal
We need 7 Canadian Starters Plus Backups if they get hurt.


Other than the Draft, if it weren't for speculating on the merits of signing other teams' trade-offs during the off-season, what would there be to chat about?

A new stadium. Been there, hope to never go back.
Expansion. A favourite of mine.
New Coaches. Great topic.
Swag. I'm delighted they finally brought fitted caps into the Store.
Rule Changes. Yawn. Wake me when they happen.
The Demise of Fan 590. Whoo Hoo.
Oskie Qui Qui's Engagement. Congrats!

Labinjo is a DL, not an OL.


Just give him a couple tests, if he passes them, sign him to one of those Jesse Lumsden contracts.. Very low paying salary with incentives on games played and whether he stays healthy..

Thats about as far as I would go.. Its just a shame because when he is healthy he is one of the most dominant Canadian D-lineman in the game.. WOW I feel like I have wore that statement out when Lumsden was here LOL :lol:

x2 :thup:

Labinjo sort of reminds me of Casey Printers.

One truly magical season, and then. . . nothing.

Good luck to him but he was his own worst enemy until his injuries caught up to him. At his age, injury history and salary, he’s not worth a look.

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