Mike Labinjo is with the Stamps

Changes today at Stamps practice ...
The Stamps are on the field right now with three new defensive players who have significant NFL experience:

Mike Labinjo, Canadian linebacker

Lamont Brightful, import defensive back

Dwaine Carpenter, import defensive back

Defensive backs Jermaine Chatman and Brandon Haw were cut.

The Stamps took Labinjo in the third round of the 2003 draft. He fell because teams knew he would be going to NFL. Brightful spent some time in Montreal last season.
Mike Labinjo was a long shot in 2003 of coming to camp due to NFL interest. Spent 3 yrs in the NFL a good Canadian kid for our LB crew.

Mike Labinjo

Position: LB
Height: 6-1
Weight: 255
Born: 07/08/1980
College: Michigan State
NFL Experience: 3


33 Lamont Brightful

Position: DB
Height: 5-10
Weight: 160
Born: 01/29/1979
College: Eastern Washington
NFL Experience: 3


27 Dwaine Carpenter

Position: DB
Height: 6-1
Weight: 208
Born: 11/04/1976
College: North Carolina A&T
NFL Experience: 5


Well, well, imagine that. :wink:

Labunjo is the player of interest and could take an american spot in the linebacking group. He can also play on the dline.

What are your thoughts on Chatman and Haw, rw? Were they truly incompetent, or were they the scape goats to throw a scare into the rest of the roster?

Well the blooper movies and believe me there had to be a lot of bloopers with 8 quarters of down right terrible effort must have showed they were not capable of playing their positions. Chatman required imprvoement from last year and it seems that the qB's were going after him. Haw had a great TC but seemd to forget once you make the team you have to play to stay on it. I would think there me a couple of more moves with in two weeks. Many fans are wondering about Barker bringing in players because he stated they had quality guys in here and well after two blow outs yoy have to wonder. Jim is a good guy but I hope who ever is scouting for him gets some glasses ha ha ha. I see your Middle Linebacker is going to play the riders. Was he injured?

Labinjo as you said Red is the best of the bunch and especially being Canadian, the ratio changer.
Although I do not expect my Argos to win this weekend, what without Bishop, what happens to Higgins on Monday if the Stamps loose and loose big?

I doubt there will be changes at this time. Even with a loss. The ownership group will do nothing at this time they will be patient.

Wasn't Tom on the bubble after last year and thats when Burratto was made the scape goat?

Yes, AJ Gass, aka the Bionic Man, tore a meniscus in TC. Minor injury, but he missed 3 games.

No Baratto's offense became predictable is what was reported. Higgens probalby wanted George Cortez as well so you put the two together and Steve was odd man out. Do not get me wrong Steve is a good coach but his offense did not change much through out the season. Higgens is not on the bubble at least not until the end of the season if they do not turn it around.

Well I am sure next week we will have a new topic to discuss if you know what I mean. :lol: :lol:

Larry it appears that I can not PM you who is your friend that is an argo fan?

if labinjo was so good, he would have been signed a while ago, these over zealous fans are making it seem like your signing lawrence taylor and this move will put you over the top. This guy is just a rotation player for depth.

The reason he has not signed
up until now is that he was
mulling over an offer in the
NFL. Rotation player right.


I got your PM's, rw. All 10 of them. Identical. You so crazy!!!

Yes it was only one PM and for some reason iwas getting an error.

the guy was on the eagles and he was terrible, they cut him, the only he got playing time with the eagles was due to them not re-signing carlos emmons, and jeremiah trotter got injured. Plus the only other linebacker they had dhani jones and his guitar.

Well as you know the guy played three years in the NFL and really to be Canadian and land on the roster of the NFL you would have to think the guy has some talent. He would have been a high draft choice in 2003 but because he was already being chased by NFL teams many teams did not draft him. The Stamps did. :roll:

he was undrafted into the nfl, your acting like he was a former top draft pick.

If I remember correct I stated that several NFL tewams were interested in his services. No where did I say he was drafted into the NFL. :roll: