Mike Kelly's worst nightmare...

Glenn comes to Winnipeg next week and knocks the Bombers out of the playoffs.

Everyone knew Kelly would regret jettisoning/disrespecting Glenn. But if Glenn lights it up next week, the Bomber scribes will eat Kelly alive.

And make no mistake about it...Glenn would love to throw for career-highs next week, and then pump his fist at Kelly.

lets go easy on the trash-talking this week bro, remember what happened last time we played the bombers.

Anyways, im looking forward to a doozy in the peg Next week. :thup:

How's this for a title. "The Professor eats some Albatross"

Could you imagine though if Edm & BC tie. Than the loser of the Ticats/Bombers is out.

or this one

"Albatross flew over a coocoo's nest"

[quote="PIGSEYE"]Could you imagine though if Edm & BC tie. Than the loser of the Ticats/Bombers is out.[/quote

As it stands right now, Bombers lose and they are out, tie or no tie. So the tie would be worse for Hamilton, because Hamilton is safe unless there is a tie between BC/Esks next week. Bombers win or go home, tie or not.

That was for TiCat fans to think about pp, I should have put the sarcasm smiley in there.

BC and Edm tie and the Bombers beat Hamilton and the TiCats are out.

Sudden death... and Glenn is on the other side no less. Gonna be amazing ! :thup:

....Three great things going for us this weekend.....weather looks promising....the injuries don't appear to be as serious as first thought......and the best thing....the game is in our stadium where it's going to be VERY loud....good luck to Glenn and the TiCats...you're gonna need it... :thup: :rockin:

The Ticats haven't given up a sack in 3 games, and Glenn is on fire. Plus, we got 6 sacks against the Riders.

I'd say the Bombers are the ones in need of luck.

....The nightmare for the Ti-Cats starts SUNDAY.... :wink: :rockin:

You just said it for us....almost perfect for 3 games, he is due for sacks, ints and the works.

It's going to be a hard one to predict. . .

Game means everything to both teams.

Hamilton has the momentum, having played really well three games in a row, no INTs for the Albatross since he became the starter, no sacks allowed in the past 3 games, and 6 sacks against the Green Riders in the last game. Winnipeg has no momentum, having been schooled by the Als, Bishop was overthrowing and underthrowing all game, ending up 8 for 21, which is pretty poor.

So what does that mean?

Zilch; nada.

All depends on who shows up on Sunday and who wants it more.

Frankly, the game might just come down to one big break for one team. . .

Or you could ask, who do Ticats want to face in the semi final? Word on the streets of Hamilton is they are worried about the Bombers laying a beating on them in front of their home crowd! Perhaps for that very reason they will pull out all the stops next week so they can host either BC or Edmonton. Ticats have a better chance of beating the Esks or BC in Hamilton :smiley:

....well if we're going to go by who shows up....a very loud crowd will definitely show up for the BigBlue.....and perhaps the next week as well... :wink:

Actually what I'm hoping to see during the game, regardless of result, is a shot on TSN of housedog and sanjay, wearing Bombers' gear, cheering on the home team.

Pigs might fly. . .

....lol ......i think you are expecting a lot from those two MadJack....the only gear you might see them wear is a paper bag....and so they should, to hide their shameful faces.. :wink:

Kelly's worst nightmare is laryngitis. Heaven forbid he should close his mouth and not say something stupid for once.

Uh, that can't be true, because there is no way Hamilton could host WPG in the playoffs. It will be HAM at WPG, or BC/EDM at HAM. Nice try, though.

....yeah ....and i guess we'll have to 'tune' you guys up two weeks in a row.... :rockin: