Mike Kelly's Evaluation of Stefan Lefors

I'm not convinced yet that Mike Kelly was wrong in his evaluation that Stefan Lefors could be the QB of the future for the Blue Bombers. He's got leadership, he's got intensity, he can improv on broken plays with his legs, he's not afraid to get hit, these are all things you can't coach a QB. However I'm starting to think Mike Kelly jumped the gun a bit on Lefors in placing him at the #1 spot right away. I DO NOT think that Kevin Glenn was/is the answer (you Hamilton folks will find that out soon enough, the honeymoon with Glenn is great, but when it ends....yikes). I think Kelly's problem was that there weren't too many experience guys who could play the #1 role lying around the league. Casey Printers is a cancer and not the type of guy you want, if he was why wouldn't Ti-Cats fans be screaming for him to come back? Jackson and Pierce aren't really top level, besides Wally needs BOTH of them to win a single game. In hind sight, maybe Michael Bishop is a guy who should have been brought into TC, but other than that there weren't too many options out there.

I think Stefan Lefors can still be a QB in this league, and a good one too, but he needs time to develop...AWAY from the schizophrenic mob with torces and pitch forks. Let him get a full handle on the offensive scheme, let him get familiar with the receivers we have, let him get comfortable with everything first and then maybe put him in. Some rookie guys can get plugged in right away and just go, some guys need some time at the #2 or #3 spot to develop a bit.

I also think Mike Kelly thought that Lefors' toughness could prepare him for dealing with the pressure of being a Quarterback in Winnipeg. We seem to demand a higher standard from our QB's than most other teams. After seeing this now, I fully believe that NO rookie, no matter HOW good can handle the pressure of being the starting quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I mean sure Lefors' numbers have not been good at all, but people were calling for his head after ONE GAME, it's not like everyone was being patient until now and then started getting angry. Most of the Lefors haters have been after since half time in Edmonton in Week 1 and it's been non-stop since then. If you can't give a rookie QB a LITTLE bit of slack (IE: more than one game in bad weather conditions). I think that fan pressure is what has caused him to essentially go backwards. In Week 1 he DID his job essentially, in the 4th quarter. He drove the Bombers offense down field and into a position to tie the game with seconds left, thanks to Labbe we blew that opprotunity with a penalty giving Serna a longer kick to make, which as we all know he missed just wide.

To be successful as a QB in Winnipeg you have to have supreme confidence in yourelf because every incompletion and interception is dissected and re-hashed all week long and added to a list to prove why you're a horrible QB. Being deaf could help too. And you almost have to have a "F You!" attitude towards all the fans who want you run out of town....not that you go Sammy Garza on them and give them the finger...cause that's just not a good situation, but that you just tell yourself that you could care less what fans think and you just go out there and play your game.

Here's hoping Lefors gets another chance sometime down the road, maybe next year, because I'd rather have Lefors prove all the nay sayers wrong here in Winnipeg, than on some other team (IE: Kamau Peterson).

Well blue look at it this way.

Dinwiddie had leadership; he had intensity; he improvised on broken plays with his legs; he was not afraid to get hit. Same qualities that LeFors possesses…and they have even one more thing in common…questionable arm strength.

So, my question is simple; Kelly thought LeFors was ready to step up and be a CFL starter, and that Dinwiddie wasn’t even good enough to make the team.

Why, when they are almost clones of each other ??

Kelly owes Lefors a favor after Lefors did a “favour” for him. Only reason I can think of that would make Kelly annoint Lefors starter, that and Kelly’s an idiot.

I agree with you. I still think LeFors can be a good quarterback. I hope it’s with us… and I see more in him than I do in Randall. I hope he gets another chance too. I thought LeFors was ready to step up and be a starter too… but clearly he’s not there yet. Maybe serving as a backup for a while will help him out.

Ifa guy can't throw an accurate ball 30-50 yards consistently he can't play pro QB. LeFors can't.

Agreed the kid is a warrior, but with a very poor throwing arm.

how do you know he can't? he's like, 1 for 2 on long pass attempts this year.. which I would actually say is fairly accurate.. let's see Kelly actually let him throw the ball 30-50 yards before you say he can't throw that accurately

He can't hit anyone underneath either. The kid has a popgun arm and no accuracy. Bishop has no accuracy but he'll at least arm-punt the ball when he doesn't hit the receiver. He can also scramble effectively.

Then tell me, how is it that he could hit guys deep and hit guys underneath last season, but magically lose it this season? He showed last year he can play, he just needs time to develop without the pressure of having death threats mailed to his house everytime he misses a pass....which in Winnipeg is what we call fan mail.

In BC Wally Buono keeps Jackson and Peirce on the roster because they have different styles. Pierce is more of a drop back, pocket passer, Jackson is a scrambler type of guy. So when he switches them in the game it changes the dynamic of how the defense attacks them...

...Dinwiddie was a decent QB but I think he was too much like Lefors. I think Kelly wanted to be in a situation, like Wally, where if things go south he can put in a scrambling QB who changes the dynamic and now the defense has to worry about containing etc. He probably would have liked to keep Dinwiddie but A) Dinwiddie probably wouldn't sit well with being #3 (although in hind sight he'd probably be getting a shot to start now) B) and Dinwiddie would also take up a lot of cap space for a 3rd string guy. Now I'm not saying I think Dinwiddie IS a 3rd string guy, but if Kelly wanted a countering QB to replace Lefors, that's how it'd be run.

I'm with blueandgold on this one. How could he have done it with the Eskimos and suddenly now he can't do it to save his life? It's not like the Bombers pulled in a guy who's never played a down in the CFL before in his life and now are finding out he sucks ... LeFors showed a lot of potential in Edmonton in '07.. in fact he was the 4th highest completion percentage in the league out of guys with 150+ attempts.. unless of all of that somehow magically disappeared, which really doesn't happen to someone who's 28 years old.. that accuracy's gotta be there somewhere.

I'm really starting to think it's the pressure of being the #1 gun in a place like Winnipeg that's contributed to his poor outings. I mean Week 1 he looked a lot better than Week 4, and had it not been a typhoon in Week 1....who knows how good he does. He struggled in Week 2 but still showed a lot of confidence. But after the Hamilton game he started getting torched hard and I'm wondering if he just wasn't ready for that, because in Week 3 and 4 he almost went backwards.

It's obvious to anyone who saw him pre-season or last year that the guy DOES have potential, and I think it's a good move by Kelly to switch him early. A) He needs to do it to get the offense back on track and B) He possibly saves Lefors. I mean a whole season of the abuse he was getting could have ruined his confidence permanently, how many times have bad performance mixed with extreme fan pressure resulted in a rookie/young QB completely falling apart? You see it in the NFL every time they bring a guy in who's clearly not ready.

I saw based on his potential, Lefors deserves another chance somewhere down the road...just maybe not in the forseeable future.

Some people are making stuff up here.

Lefors has been in the league 3 full years, 4 if you coun't 2006. He got a real shot in Edmonton in 2007 and went 0 and 5 as a starter with many interceptions mostly for balls underthrown (arm strenght issues).

He spent all of last year with Mike "Cock Knocker" Kelly so whatever flaws the guy had should have been resolved or identified.

Kelly mortgages the Bombers future to get this guy, who has a history of concussion, a poor record and is the highest paid 3rd stringer in the league BTW. He gets the starter's job even before training camp starts this year, so no pressure no issues. He's Kelly's guy, didn't even have to earn it and he's been awfull, even with decent amount of time to throw the ball and a good running game.

Blame the fans all you want, players have to make plays and when your the worst offense since the Shrevport Pirates the fans are a product of the poor play, not the cause.

There was a ton of Kelly defenders during the off season even while he proved he had "issues" between the ears... and now it is the "schyzo" fans that are the cause !

I think it started with the Bombers getting a beatdwon in Hamitlon by the albatross Kevin Glenn, that reall got the masses to the barricade. This weekend when Lefors and Kelly pooped the bed at home, that's when they light the torches.

BTW "Schyzophenia" has been renamed "bi-polarism" due to its stigma in society, maybe Kelly should start there...

Fans fault :roll:

Actually, bipolar disorder is a mood disorder wherein the person experiences bouts of mania and depression...and while it may be accompanied by hallucinations or delusions, it is not the same as schizophrenia...carry on...

Thank you, you are correct...

I guess if Kelly suggested paying fans had a MOOD disorder he might have a point despite his offense and player recruiting being the cause but to suggest they have a "serious mental disorder" not so sure...

...The remark made by Kelly 'schizophrenia' was a poor term to use....he's admitted that and has removed his foot from his mouth once again....LeFors is NOT ready for prime-time....will he ever be???????...That's a tough question ...I don't know of many qbs. who can make it in the CFL with a weak throwing arm....Dieter Brock ...remember him....showed up to a Bombers camp with the similar arm as what LeFors possesses now....He didn't impress many people...Brock returned the next year after a work-out regimen which improved his arm strength....and wow ...did it ever improve...He could throw lasers...Will Stefan be given the same opportunity?????.....Maybe.....I never thought that Brock was a particularly great 'thinking qb.'...however he got the job done....I think LeFors has all of the necessary attributes to be a starter...He is intelligent....tough as nails, and can scramble....IF he had a Brock type arm..or could greatly improve the one he has now....BAM...in time you would have a quality starter.....Just not now...He has to sit and watch and learn....How he gets an 'arm' for this league....well that's a whole 'nother' story.. :roll:

Hate to say it people. If we kept Doug Berry and Kevin Glenn we would not be in the mess we are today. Bauer wanted to hire his friend Kelly. This is about friendship, not ability.


Correct. Bauer has to take the lion's share of the blame for this mess.....he hired his buddy without doing his due diligence.

So it's Bauer 1st, Kelly 2nd, LeFors 3rd in terms of the blame game.

Berry's team quit in last years East semi. The players were more worried about getting a table at Earl's than the football game. Berry wasn't getting us back to the Grey Cup and the players were getting tired of him screaming at them for every little thing. We have to hope Kelly's rebuilt Bombers start understanding the offence and show some signs of life. We were 2 and 7 after 9 game last year , so we are on pace for that. LoL