Mike Kelly's blunder our gain?

No market for mutineers

CFL teams uninterested in Bombers' Armstrong

By: Gary Lawless Winnipeg Free Press



The Bombers...have had little luck arranging a trade to date, but

appear comfortable to continue paying Armstrong
while waiting for a deal to materialize.

Checks throughout the league came back
with replies ranging from 'no interest'

to 'why trade for a guy that's going to be cut?'

I will give you three guesses as to who
would make a reply like that last one.

and the first two don't count.

One thing is certain, the team is moving on without Armstrong.

Management spoke to Armstrong on Monday and
told him they were working toward a resolution.

See the indirect dig at Armstrong in these lines
from 'Shoot from the Lip' Mike Kelly's loose mouth.
"I was very pleased with the way the 52 players

on the field practised (Monday) and we gave great effort.

Those guys have really come together as a group
and are working hard," said coach Mike Kelly,

when asked about Armstrong's absence from Monday's workout.

"I've moved on from that situation and
it's in the hands of player personnel.

I've got a football team to get ready."

He's going to be hung by his tongue
and much sooner than he thinks.

Too bad.

I would rather this bumbling oaf stayed around.


The Free Press has learned the Bombers have made one addition
to compensate for the imminent departure of Armstrong

by signing former Hamilton Tiger-Cat wideout Scott Mitchell.

The 6-foot-3, 222-pound product of Kentucky
showed some flashes for the Ticats last season,

pulling in 38 passes for 697 yards and two TDs
after trying out for the Montreal Alouettes in 2007.

Good for Scott. I wish him luck.

I'm pretty sure the Bombers are going to put him on the Inactive list until we can work out a trade.

...it'll be interesting to see which club ,wants to take on a guy, who wants to dictate when and if he'll play....Gain....i think not :lol:

It'll be also interesting to see if any star FAs accustomed to respect wants to play for a coach that tells the press the problem is being worked out when in actuality the player's clothes, wallet, watch, jewlery girlfriend/family pictures have been put into a garbage bag.

...seems one is already on the way..... and by the way ...all of the other players in the Peg are supportive of Kellys move ..seems ol Derick stands alone...Say, maybe you guys should sign Casey Printers 11.....he'd look good in the hammer and you know how to handle guys of similar nature... :lol: great morale booster..

Papalooza is correct ,all the players in the Peg are supportive of Kellys moves . If not it's garbage bags for all . :lol:

How long again did Joe Smith rot in BC before Wally dealt him ?

Seems any team in need of receiving help should be all over this, before the injuries start piling up around the league and the price goes up.

And you wonder why your team has been so slow to improve ? With a GM who waits for cast offs with no value, expect more of the same.

A fan of a team that signed Richie Williams, tried to sign Dominguez and settled for Scott Mitchell giving a lecture on "castoffs"?


Williams is our 3rd string qb and Mitchell isn't on the active roster. It's not like we're relying on them to win us games. Armstrong would immediately be your best receiver and he was our 3rd option. There are maybe a dozen guys on your team that could crack any other team's roster in the CFL. So yeah, I would say you rely on other teams castoffs moreso than the other way around.

Both teams are 0-1 - quit chirping until you've won something.

......and you got the leos....and we got the stumps....that win may be awhile yet....setting up a show-down in the hammer....should be a good-one... :thup:

Agreed Since there are Alot OF X Bombers and a Few X- Ticats on Each Team