Mike Kelly

I know how unpopular this will be but... I miss the guy! I looked forward to seeing his next quote, most of the bad stuff was to someone who deserved it. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't want his sideshow to be running things here, but I thought he was funny. I do not think he was a good coach or judge of talent. He had a crazy sense of humour that the media took advantage of to make a headline story. Everyone complains even still about the "it's an internal issue and will be handled internally" quote, from my viewpoint asking a guy the same question over and over again is not good journalism.
Anyway I know some of you will argue, I have no issue with that, but it's my opinion and you won't change it.

That's nice.

Was there a lot of ill will towards Mike Kelly when he was your recievers coach? (or was he your oc?)

Receivers, and he didn't really open his mouth when he was with the Eskimos... Of course, now that he has opened his mouth, and there's no doubt that he's an idiot... I'd rather he not return.

Couldn't agree more , kinda like a Genie out of a Bottle, except it was crap coming out of his mouth.

never mind kelly could we some how give you jim dumbass daley back what a piece of work